That’s Cushing, out of the play, but don’t worry, the play’s probably about to be nullified by a late hit on the QB, by Rey Rey DUI Maualuga.

Cushing The Envelope, Please:  Just like the former D.C. Mayor, the former sc player is re-awarded by voters, AFTER getting busted for drugs — Moral of the Story?  Just Say Yes to Drugs

The AP Voters are Absolutely Pathetic.

The Associated Press Voters sent a pointed message to America’s Youth yesterday, when they ignored Brian Cushing’s cheating, and re-named him the NFL’s 2009 Defensive Rookie of the Year.  The AP decided to re-vote, after it was revealed that Cushing was getting suspended for 4 games for violating the League’s Substance Abuse Policy, for a September ’09 failed drug test.

Considering that Cushing’s physical transformation has had critics skeptical for years, and considering that he failed the performance-enhancing drug test RIGHT AT THE START OF THE 2009 SEASON, most level-headed people would think that Cushing was on the Juice WHILE compiling his impressive stats.  But that didn’t stop the brain-dead voters from circling his name on their ballots.  That makes it seem like the members of the Press don’t think that blatant cheating or drugs should disqualify you from postseason awards.  Or maybe they think that everyone is Roided up, and Cushing just happened to be the poor sap who got caught.  Either way, anyone who voted for the SCumbag proven cheater should have his voting rights revoked.  What’s the point of having rules at all, if you still get celebrated, WHILE you are breaking them?  Apparently, some voters said that Julius Peppers didn’t have his award rescinded for the same reason, and they didn’t want to set a precedent.

So, no one thinks that he is innocent.  They just don’t want to open a Pandora’s Box of going back and stripping awards every time someone has contaminated pee.  He actually lost almost 20 votes from the original poll, with one guy saying that if Cushing had come clean, he would have still voted for him, but that Cushing’s “silence was deafening, disturbing, and damning.”

Cushing lamented that the test he failed was NOT for Steroids.  However, the actual banned substance was hCG, which is the same thing that got Manny Ramirez suspended for 50 games, and is COMMONLY USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH STEROIDS.  hCG is a Female Fertility drug, used by athletes after they come down from a cycle of Steroids, to jumpstart their testosterone production.  So it sounds like he is about as honest as Manny is.

But the AP doesn’t care… about honesty or cheating (just like a lot of Dodger fans).  The NFL should be ashamed, and take away the vote from the Press, and give it to people who understand what Integrity is. 

There are ESPN stories that say Cushing has passed several drug tests after the failed one.  But ESPN also points out that Steroids leave your system quickly, while the performance-enhancing effects can stay on much longer.  Also, masking agents are known to be available.  Cushing also supposedly passed a lie detector test.  What a shock that a trojan would be trained to fool a polygraph… or that a trojan would be able to bribe the guy operating the machine.  But that wouldn’t have mattered — The voters think he is guilty, but voted for him just because they didn’t think that they should be re-voting in the first place.  

And speaking of people who don’t deserve the vote, in Washington D.C., voters re-elected Marion Barry to Mayor, even after he served 6 months in Federal Prison for Crack Cocaine.  Even if they believed his infamous claim that “the bitch set me up,” they still knew that he was indeed a Crack Head… But they didn’t care.  A Crack Head Mayor?  Really?  You would think that the FIRST question on the application for Mayor would read;  “Do you own a Crack pipe?  If no, please continue to question #2.”

So, do the AP voters feel that Rosie Ruiz is the real Boston Marathon winner?  Should we give Tonya Harding a Gold Medal?  How about the underaged Chinese gymnasts?  Should Milli Vanilli get their Grammy back?  If the AP finds out that Mark Ingram was actually a cyborg, would they think he still deserves the Heisman?  What if Tim Tebow was turning opponents’ Gatorade into Wine, and then scoring on a bunch of unknowingly drunken players?  What if Gilbert Arenas shot LeBron, Kobe, and about 20 other players — Would the AP Voters name him MVP?  And did they vote for Bill Belichick for Coach of the Year, the season he got busted for illegal videotaping? 

Hey AP:  Are you related to BP?  And how about BP for Company of the Year?  Or did you already give it to Goldman-Sachs?  I don’t even want to know what you are going to give to Lawrence Taylor (who might not be quite as Guilty as we all were led to believe).  And finally — Do  you think that Jesse James DESERVES Sandra Bullock? 

But Marion Barry is still the best doppleganger for Cushing.  And Brian should be aware:  A few years ago, Barry got busted AGAIN, for Pot, Coke, and some sort of Tax Evasion.  But that didn’t stop him from still becoming a City Councilman, which he still is now.  And I bet that he is just as clean now as Cushing is, and I’m sure that Cushing has quite a successful career ahead of him.  “Cheaters never Prosper” is becoming a bigger National lie than “She said she was 18.”  Just ask LT.



  1. Jake Avatar

    yeah byrd deserved it more after all, but the only punishment for taking illegal substances is……. 4 games!!…oh and a few of the ap voters changing their votes… but thats it