It’s GOOD to be the QUEEN!

Here’s a poem to make your blood boil
Because it goes down like Cod Liver Oil:
It’s not easy for a Princess to stay Royal,
Or for the long-suffering fans to stay Loyal,
When an 0-and-5 team you can’t foil
(Even though they’re on enemy soil),
No matter how hard the Defense does toil.
If you’re Jewish you could call a Moyel
(Who could make Brisket from your London Broil),
But he’d say “It’s not a Boy, it’s a Goil!”
Oy Vey.

Here are 14 more photos from Saturday, 13 Cheerleader pics, and 1 of Ben Olson, staring you down. 


Remember, they all have mouse-over captions, and they all ENLARGE when you click them.

Notre Dame Pre-Game Rally?  LORD HAVE MERCY!!!Notre Dame can keep their 3-Leaf Clovers — WE are still the lucky ones.Some people still insist that the best photos are the UN-posed ones.You can barely keep them fenced in (the fans, we mean)Don’t hate (or sue) UCLA because she’s beautiful!Asking Mac to throw on 4th Down makes some fans just throw their hands up in the air.There’s no wonder why UCLA remains the most applied-to school in the WorldEverything you could ever want in a Cheer… and more.Would you get down on bended knee for these girls?Bruins never quit because there are no “fat ladies” to sing anywhere around.Steady there, big fella.You must be his Primary Receiver, because Ben’s eyes are locked on you.We know:  You love this CROP of Girls, but hate this CROP of the picture.  (Sorry)The PLAYERS should be so limber!


One response to “BEAR-LY REGAL”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Thanks for the pics T-H. Saturday was one of the best tailgates ever. Unfortunately it got ruined by a football game. The horrah…the horrah…