Attn: UCLA Football Fans — The Battle of L.A. CAN be Won without an Offense

No hit, Sherlock!

Dodgers are scared hit-less, but still win 1-0, on consecutive Errors by the Angels of Mercy

It’s hard to win Baseball games when you go 19 straight innings without scoring, like the Los Angeles Angels currently have.  It’s even harder to win a game without getting a base hit, but that’s exactly what the Los Angeles Dodgers did last night.

Thanks to two straight Halo fielding miscues in the 5th inning, the Dodgers were able to score a run without the benefit of a hit, and beat the punchless Angels 1-0.  The 1st Place Angels had been on fire coming into this series at Dodger Stadium, especially in Interleague play, and especially in Road games.  But the Dodgers’ Pitching Staff has put out the fire, entirely.

And it’s a good thing for the Dodgers, because THEIR Offense took the night off as well.  Jered Weaver no-hit them for 6 innings before getting pulled for a Pinch Hitter, and Jose Arredondo no-hit them in the 7th and 8th.  The pair will NOT be credited with an Official No-Hitter, because the Dodgers did not bat in the 9th inning.

The Dodgers didn’t HAVE to bat in the 9th, because the Angels’ battery — the same one that was orchestrating the no-hit gem — let the team down with back-to-back screw-ups.  On a little dribbler by Matt Kemp, that had more wicked spin than a trojan Press Conference, Weaver understandably failed to make the pick-up.  The Official Scorer at first called it a Hit, but when Rex Hudler complained that Weaver shouldn’t lose a No-Hitter over that nubber, the Scorer CHANGED the ruling to an Error on Weaver.

When Kemp tried to steal Second, Catcher Jeff Mathis’ throw went into Center Field, allowing Kemp to get to 3rd, from where he scored the game’s only run, on a Sacrifice Fly by Blake DeWitt.

This was only the 5th time that a hit-less team has won in the Modern Era, and the first time in 16 years.  But the message is clear:  Just like a few years ago when the Bruins were winning Football games with scores like 6-3 over Illinois, a Good Defense (and good Pitching) can overcome a lack of Offense, and carry a team into the Winners’ Circle.

And speaking of winners (and losers), here are a few more UCLA Cheerleader pics — You know, the kind that Scott Wolf isn’t allowed to post!

I pity the fools at Scott Wolf’s blog, who no longer get to see pics like these at their “home base.”

Speaking of “Angels” …

I guess all the trojans will just have to come here if they want to see how much greener the grass is on this side of the fence.

I WOULD say to let the trojans eat their hearts out, but that assumes that they HAVE hearts.