The concept of a missed tackle is ALIEN to him.

The Dread Zone.

The Secret is Out:  #51 Reggie Carter’s Restricted Zone will be the site of many more crash landings, so say The Watchers

It’s no conspiracy:  Area 51 is for real. 

UCLA fans already know that Linebacker Reggie Carter is the real deal, but now, the rest of the Country is getting a head’s up.  After making 62 tackles last season for DeWayne Walker’s celebrated Bruin Defense, Carter has been named to this year’s Bednarik Award Watch List.

The (Chuck) Bednarik Award will be presented live on ESPN to the Nation’s Top Defensive Player.   Carter, who had 2 Sacks and 12 Tackles for Loss last year,  is the only Bruin among the 75 guys who made the cut.  That doesn’t say a lot for the overall talent that Walker has to work with this year, but at least the vote won’t be split, between Carter and another Bruin.  On the other hand, the eventual winner doesn’t HAVE to be on the original Watch List, so maybe Brian Price or Brigham Harwell will get added to the list before the Finalsits are announced.

There are logical reasons why the members of the Bruin Defense have a better-than-average chance to collect post-season honors this year:  First of all, Walker now has a National REPUTATION for fielding a quality product, and depressingly, that Defensive Unit is going to log an exorbitant amount of time on the field.

With a severely-depleted Offensive Line and a “statuesque” Quarterback, the Bruins’ Time of Possession threatens to hit an all-time low, which means that the Defense will be able to RACK UP CERTAIN STATS.  They might give up more points per game than their fans and coaches would prefer, and their yards allowed might suffer due to fatigue, but stats like TOTAL TACKLES will go through the roof.  And since Carter is THE MAN this year, he should be the one to cash in.

Opposing Offenses will eventually have to PLAN AROUND Carter, sending special blocking combinations at him, and just calling plays that target OTHER areas of the UCLA Defense.  But before those adjustments are made, Carter will remind fans of some of his recent predecessors, like Danny Nelson, Justin London, and Spencer Havner, who all had a knack for flowing to the right spot, and appearing to be involved in practically every play (except for long bombs, obviously).  Havner was so good, that Defenses ABSOLUTELY designed gameplans to avoid him.  Carter, with Walker as his mentor, has a chance to be just as effective, and it looks like the National experts agree, as he is also on the Watch Lists for the Nagurski Award and the OTHER Award, inexplicably named after some cheap-shot clown who is now involved in the illegal recruiting SCandal of O.J. Mayo


And speaking of Mayo, he and Kevin Love are lucky that they got Drafted before the Clippers got a turn, as the Clips’ best player, Power Forward Elton Brand, opted for Free Agency yesterday.  So did his teammate, Forward Corey Maggette.  In the Clippers’ defense, they say that they are going to TRY to re-sign both Brand and Maggette.  However, you’ve GOT to believe that after all their suffering in Sterling-ville, both guys would take HALF as much dough to play for just about ANY other team. 

And Salary Cap issues probably won’t allow it, but if Elton Brand were a Laker next Season, he’d be wearing a new Ring this time next year.  A powerful front court player like Brand would undoubtedly be the final piece to the Laker puzzle, that would allow them to dethrone the Celtics, BEFORE the Celtics wither away from old age.

By the way:  No offense meant to current Laker Power Forward Ronny Turiaf, who is a great guy with the will of a warrior and the heart of a lion, but does not have the god-given skills that Brand brings to the table.  And as far as the Lakers’ possibly-misplaced Starter at the position, Lamar Odom, he has plenty of skills, but to better complement the Lakers’ thin Centers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, the Lakers need a bigger, wider guy than Odom underneath, and Brand certainly fits the bill.  If only the Salary Cap weren’t standing in the way.  Maybe if Odom went “back” on the Ganja, he could add some girth via The Munchies.    

 Is that a Bible passage on his arm?  Hopefully, Revelations:  Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the Beast, with WRATH!

  Look what we stumbled on while searching for some good Reggie shots.  [It’s like a bottomless well.]

These Girls MUST be Aliens… because they are Out of this World.


One response to “AREA 51 — ACCESS DENIED”

  1. Robert Avatar

    Certainly the Bruins will not be contending for a national championship this year, however I do think their offense will put more points on the board than last year. Consider that the running game will be superior, Christian Ramirez has bulked up to 215 pounds (at 6’2″) and has excellent speed going thru the hole.

    Khalil Bell – we all know about how tough a runner he is – if he stays healthy; Raymond Carter is as quick and tough as any runner in the Pac-10, and don’t forget we have 2 freshmen coming in that are lights-out runners in Aundre Dean from Katy High in Katy Texas, and the best back in the city section last year in Milton Knox from Birmingham High School.

    Our running game will be as good as anybody’s in the conference, and that alone should be able to keep defenses honest and create opportunities for Olson and company. Our receivers are also experienced led by Marcus Everett and Dominique Johnson who could be considered among the top 2 or 3 receivers in the Pac-10 before the season is over – GUARANTEED!

    If Olson should get injured, Kevin Craft will be ready to take over – and he is the real deal, he has good speed and provides excellent mobility, he can throw with accuracy on the run – running to either side and he has great genes, his father was a head coach at San Diego State and he, accoding to Neuheisel is tremendously gifted. And of course we still have red-shirt Chris Forcier and true freshmen Kevin Prince and Crissman waiting in the wings and ready to step up at any given moment. Sure our line is somewhat lacking depth, but they are experienced and have excellent quickness. So Bruin fans don’t panic, we will be Bowling somewhere, and we will end up with no worse than a 8-4 or 7-5 record.

    Our defense? it will be among the best in the country, and with an improved offense (believe it or not) they will get plenty of rest and dominate the middle with Harwell and Price. The D.B.s led by Alterraun Verner wil be okay, Greg Love, Courtney Viney, and true freshman coming in Aaron Hester will once again provide not only size but also quickness and lots of intelligence.

    Bruin fans, let’s pack the Rose Bowl and show your support, these are exciting times in Westwood and what better than to spend your saturday afternoons watching the Bruins, and the most beautiful cheerleaders in college perform their routines . . . are you serious??