Mush, mush!

Finally — A long, HAPPY trip home from a road game!

Huskies can dig up only 7 points in bone-afide, 27-7 Road win for the Bruins

This season for UCLA, a W is a W, even if it’s against 0-10 UW.

The Bruins were in Seattle on Saturday to face the Nation’s only winless team, and despite being only a 7-point favorite, dominated play and handed the emotionally-charged Huskies a 20-point defeat.

The night game was Washington’s Senior Night, and the final Home game for lame duck Head Coach Ty Willimgham.  It also marked the return of ex-Husky Head Coach Rick Neuheisel, whom many Husky fans BLAME for the current sorry state of UW Football… but all that emotion didn’t help the Huskies compete with the Bruins.

UCLA took the opening kickoff, and for the first time in the Rick Neuheisel Era, drove it all the way down the field for a Touchdown.  Derrick Coleman — starting at Tailback because Kahlil Bell was late for a meeting earlier in the day — finished off the drive by scampering 11 yards for the score.

Washington answered with a TD, but then the Bruins pulled away, overcoming 3 Kevin Craft Interceptions in the process.  The first two were picked off deflections, but the third one was a misread.  Iit didn’t matter, because the Bruins were in control of this game all the way.

UCLA — for once — controlled the line of scrimmage on OFFENSE, and was able to open holes for the running backs.  Bell ran for 97 yards and 2 TD’s, as the Bruins opened up a 17-7 lead at Halftime, and extended it to 24-7 on the first play of the 4th Quarter.

The Bruins finally found a team that made them look good on Offense.   On Defense, the Bruins were SOLID, with Alterraun Verner delivering jarring hits, and even the much-maligned Michael Norris stepping up, to keep the Huskies chained up.

 The UCLA victory keeps the Big Bowl Pipe Dream alive — If the Bruins “win out,” they would finish 6-6 and be Bowl Eligible.  Unless half of usc’s roster is found ineligible, that news is basically meaningless.

Speaking of usc, they are still in position to lose the Pac-10 to Oregon State, after the Beavers beat Cal on Saturday.  If the Beavers can win in Arizona and at Home against the Ducks — neither being an easy assignment — then they will block sc from the Rose Bowl.  SC struggled with Stanford on Saturday, losing for much of the First Half, and being deadlocked at 17 at Halftime.  But the trojans dominated the 2nd Half, so if voters just see the final score of 45-23, sc might creep up a little in the BCS computations.  It would take about three surprising outcomes, but the unthinkable could still occur.

And since we don’t like surprises, here’s NO surprise:  Another extended photographic foray into the land of UCLA Spirit.

 Ryan Moya, with 38 yards, was the Bruins’ leading Receiver.

One more tribute shot for tough-as-nails (if not sharp-as-tack) Craft, before the Cheerleaders commence.

“A W is a W!”

There was no repeat of the Notre Dame fiasco this year.

Click, click, click…

Diamonds Are Forever.  [That was a Quantum Leap]

A fantastic four, for our fantastic Kicker Kai (Fantastic) Forbath, who nailed a 49-yarder on Saturday night.

Speaking of the best of the best, Terrance Austin had some more nifty returns, as he continues to be one of the best Return men in the Nation.

UCLA may have finally found its level (as opposed to finding its groove).

It had been 13 months since the Bruins had won on the Road.

Did you see the trojan rip an opponent’s helmet off yesterday?  [And, no, he didn’t get flagged for it.]

Meanwhile, Michigan lost their 8th game of the Season, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

“Talk on the street says you might go so-lo.”

You could make an album from all these shots (hint, hint).

Don’t stop him, he’s on a roll.

Whoever takes over in Washington next year is going to know how Neuheisel felt this year.

…and the next Husky Coach could be the Bruins’ DeWayne Walker, which would certainly spice up the rivalry.

And surviving the extreme close-up.

Clcik to make her larger-than-life.

Cute as a button; Much cuter than the Panic Button that would have been pushed if UCLA lost to Washington.

Drunk dude’s taking a shot of the back of her head.

Some announcer suggested Neuheisel for Coach of the Year, for winning 4 games with a 3rd-string QB (and a 3rd-string-caliber Offensive Line).

So amazingly beautiful, but also so normal, sweet, and nice, you wouldn’t believe it.

The Love doesn’t reach JUST the Dance Team..

…although it DOES seem to hover there a lot.

 Whole… Lotta… Love.

Looking for a winning streak of three.

Athletic, acrobatic, and SO cute.

Of course, the Dance Team is still alive and kicking…

…but it’s time to get some shut-eye…

…so this spinning shot will have to close the deal.


9 responses to “ALL DAWGS GO TO SEVEN”

  1. Beer Belly Avatar
    Beer Belly

    The Bruin FB team may be having a miserable year, however, they have the BEST cheerleaders in the country!

    Beer Belly
    Green Bay, WI

  2. jp Avatar

    The UCLA Dance Team is the best in the nation. No doubt.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Yes!! 14 shots of Katie, 8 of Brianna, 6 of Michelle, 5 of Elise, what a great way to start my week! Thank you TH great job. BTW no one should complain of Katie having 6 more pics than Brianna afterall, Katie was somewhat overlooked in the past 2 years, but I’m glad she is being recognized as one of the all time greats to ever wear that Dance Team uniform.

    If Dance Team members could be recognized in the Hall of Fame, Katie would be a first-ballot inductee for sure, along with Chelsey, Whitney, and the two sisters (Kayla, and Kyline??) and Elise. Brianna and Michelle, in their 2nd year will no doubt be mentioned for “hall of fame” honors as well, before they’re thru.

  4. Deepcut Avatar

    Stop cropping the photos! You know what I mean…;-)

    Actually, as my first post: Great work! You are my hero! I am a long time admirer of your blog.

    Also, who is the newest DT hottie, in the middle of the photo, 8 from the last photo? What a classically beautiful Bruin.

    [T-H’s Note: There are no “new” members of the Dance Team — I think you are referring to a member of the “Cheer Squad” (named Katie)].

  5. I.B. Avatar

    The infamous sc song girl who cheered for Texas is BACK:

  6. nic Avatar

    Brianna is a true Bruin…

    and a GODDESS, WOW!!!

    Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mark Avatar

    Can’t seem to get the beat the Bruins put on those DOGS nor how BEAUTIFUL and SEXY Brianna is!!!

    from my understanding. . . we’ve got at least one year left to admire this LIVING PIECE OF ART

    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mark Avatar

    Can’t seem to get of my mind how we beat those DOGS nor how BEAUTIFUL and SEXY Brianna is!!!
    from my understanding. . . we’ve got at least one year left to admire this LIVING PIECE OF ART
    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Robert Avatar

    Michelle’s smile, can surely brighten up any dark room. God bless her.