Abby NORM-al

HOLD on — It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Don’t blame Norm — The deck is stacked against him.

For the second week in a row, Norm Chow’s Offense can’t muster a TD, in 31-10 loss to Arizona

Is this the year of the Tennessee Tease?

After shocking the Nation with an upset win over the Volunteers,  the Bruins have reverted to a team who has no business thinking about Bowls.  After absorbing a 59-0 loss to BYU last week, the Bruins got beaten down by Arizona on Saturday, 31-10.  This one wasn’t nearly as one-sided as the BYU game — The Bruins were down by just 7 points in the 4th Quarter.  But the Wildcats were clearly the better team, led by QB Willie Tuitama, who is a repeat offender against UCLA.  The Wildcats exploited weaknesses (i.e. Mike Norris) in DeWayne Walker’s Defense, and even made Alterraun Verner look bad a few times.

The Defense outscored the Offense, with a fumble recovery by Korey Bosworth, that gave UCLA a 7-3 lead.  But the Defense was not strong enough to withstand their non-productive Offensive counterparts.  They didn’t give up a lot of yards, but Tuitama had ample time to find his Receivers when necessary, as Arizona controlled the line of scrimmage.   

The Bruins actually gained some yards on the Ground, thanks to Chane Moline’s 40 yard run. but the Offense never got into a rhythm, and former Tennessee Titan O.C. Norm Chow’s legendary halftime adjustments have failed twice in a row.

The Bruins are now 0-1 in the Conference, and 1-1 at Home for the Season — A Season for which many Bruin fans are quickly losing hope.  But the team did “improve,”  however slightly, from the previous game, especially with Run Blocking, so maybe if the trend continues, Rick Neuheisel won’t lose ALL of the momentum that he had been developing (like right before Halftime when he stunned fans by settling for 3 points).  Next week, NO ONE will be stunned if Fresno State joins the club of teams who kill the rebuilding Bruins this season.  At least the PRESSURE is off.

Below are 20-something photos from Saturday’s Suckfest and Pregame Rally (which didn’t suck at all).

Can’t blame it on Craft — He’s not great, but he’s in constant peril.

It ain’t pretty, but it IS a Tuitama TD Toss.

Unlike Craft, Tuitama had TIME to let his Receivers get deep.

And Willie serves up yet another Po Boy –Tack on 6 more for the U of A.

No “altitude” excuse for allowing holes this big in the red zone this time.

The Season is slipping through their fingers.

Slip-slidin’ away (from Freshman “Raw-him” Moore)

The Bruin Defense DID have a few highlights…

… like THIS Touchdown, by Korey Bosworh.

Here, the Bruins celebrate their ONLY Touchdown since Labor Day.

What Moline lacks in breakaway speed, he makes up for with a knack for hitting the right hole, and for being tough as nails.

Is there an end to the misery in sight?

Neuheisel should be looking for a diamond in the rough.

Would you believe that a fight broke out over a kid blocking someone’s view of THIS performance?

… but it wasn’t ME — I had a great view all day.

 Look at the size of the lens on Gilligan’s camera — While THIS photo was taken with a “point and click.”

Four “L’s” in a row?  That doesn’t sound good.



Creamy (As in “Cream of the Crop”).

These Wildcats were purr-ty tame.

Is this the Tour de France?

Studying this photo makes you a Straight A student.

The Wildcats will really miss Willie when he’s gone.

Last one for today, but many more to come.  Chow, fellas.


5 responses to “Abby NORM-al”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Is Katie still dance captain? Just asking cuz Jamie is front and center in a lot of the pics for the dance team.

    [T-H’s Note: See comment below.]

  2. jp Avatar

    No matter what else happens this year, our Dance Team continues to be in top shape…best in the country.

  3. Steve Avatar

    Actually, the angelic Kara is captain this year

  4. BeatnikBruin Avatar

    Just wondering why “certain” shots of opposing cheerleaders are abundant but not ours? If photographer/editor thinks they’re not flattering or appropriate to our girls why is it cool for other girls??

    [T-H’s Note: As I just explained in another note a few days ago, the UCLA Squad REQUESTED that the shots be removed. No other squad has contacted me over this issue, and since I do NOT think that the pics are inherently or universally objectionable, the photos of other teams remain.]

  5. hopperclaude Avatar

    How bout emailing a few of the good pics of the ucla cheerleaders to their loyal fans.

    [T-H’s Note: They are all “good” pics, and the best ones are all posted here, for you to download freely. If you mean “uncropped” shots, then, no, I’m sorry, but I promised them that I wouldn’t do that.]