27 YES’S

Top of the heap

A 27-shot salute to the Bronx Bombers on their 27th World Series Title (There’s a good reason why Wooden’s Bruins were called “The Yankees of College Basketball”)

The Yankees used to do this all the time.  But it’s sure been a while.  The highest-paid team in Baseball finally earned their inflated salaries, by overcoming a Record FIVE Chase Utley Home Runs to beat Philadelphia 4 games to 2 in the World Series. 

It’s surprising that spending all the extra money has taken so long to win it all.  That lull actually hurts the argument that NO team should be allowed to spend so much more on payroll than all the other teams.  But it was sure fun to see them lose so consistently for so long.   Also, that made it less painful to see them finally climb back on top, especially after they had to watch their arch rivals Boston win so much in the interim.

But there IS a small amount of historical tradition RESTORED when the Pinstripes rise to the top.  It’s as if the planets are back in alignment.  Jeter, Damon, Rivera, Matsui, Posada, Rodriguez, Texeira, Sabathia — These guys don’t belong in armchairs as spectators during EVERY single Fall Classic.  The TV ratings jumped  from last year’s Philly-Tampa by the largest percentage IN HISTORY.  People WANT to see the Yankees in October, not the Rays.

And since UCLA’s Basketball Dynasty was (and still is) often compared to the Yankees’ Dynasty, it’s not such a bad thing for a little luster to return to the Yankee name.  On the other hand, the Yankees SHOULD be compared to sc Football… as the best teams money can buy.

And speaking of luster, here, on Homecoming Eve, are 26 more photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad (all posted while Kobe takes O.J. Mayo to SCHOOL, coincidentally).

As the Yankees go… Always liked Billy Martin…never liked Steinbrenner, except for his SNL/Seinfeld “appearances”(!)

Never liked Lou Gehrig…  JUST KIDDING!!  Does ANYONE dislike Lou Gehrig?

Don’t like Reggie much, partially because he wouldn’t sign an autograph for my friend (who was a little kid at the time) until my friend clicked the pen.

Felt bad for Bobby Mercer and Thurmon Munson (who we kids used to call Herman Munster, of course).

Love the “Who’s Your Daddy” cheer that they were taunting Pedro with.

Wish I got to see Mantle (and Mays for that matter) during their primes, instead of when they were WAY past them.  And no, old newsreels don’t count.

For Dodger-Haters, that 3-homer night for Reggie was one of the greatest Sports Moments in History.

Always liked Joe Torre, even when he was announcing for the Angels, and then when he managed NY, because the only team he couldn’t beat WAS the Angels.

I like the Yankee-Red Sox Rivalry, because it helps me explain the intensity of the UCLA-usc Rivalry to East Coasters.

UCLA-Yankee connection?  Chris Chambliss?

The Yankees would have swept the Dodgers.

One bad thing about the Yankees — When they come to play the Angels, there are WAY too many NY fans in the house.

Isn’t it about time for Jeter and Rivera to retire?

Wonder how hungry these OLD Yankees will be to repeat next year?

Geez, now you can see how many 27 really is.  This is only 16 of 27.  The next closest team to the Yankees isn’t anywhere near 27.

CC Sabathia just admitted on Leno that Chase Utley killed him, but he’s a good guy (so he shouldn’t be banned from Baseball as Leno jokingly suggested).

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?  (I think I’ll go make a cup of coffee).

From Marilyn Monroe, to Madonna, to Kate Hudson.  I prefer Godie Hawn (in her prime) to all of them.

In about 10 hours, this will be my view once again.  (Can’t wait).

But the best part is that they are so nice (even to me).

The mascots must hate these 12:30pm kick-offs, but the sunshine is vastly superior for photography, so if you like these photos, keep hoping AGAINST 7pm games.

And tomorrow is Homecoming — Maybe some of your old favorites will return.

Hey RR, are you there?  Is your daughter going to attend?

C’mon, don’t you just want to reach out and stroke her silky-smooth hair?  Well, DON’T.  Stroke with your eyes, not with your hands.

Again, please don’t actually touch your computer screen.

And last but definitely not least, unparalleled #27.  And if you are reading this, thanks for playing.


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  1. bruin Avatar

    hey t-h. only a couple of home games left. any chance you pick up where you left off on the youtube video stuff? maybe get our dance team in action at the rally? or even the game?

    [T-H’s Note: I don’t know. I guess I could try one more at the last game, but I just don’t think their beauty is captured equally by video, as by stills, so then again, I may NOT try it again. Also, I didn’t get hardly any response to the last video. But you’ve at least given me something to think about…]

  2. bruin Avatar

    youre right. the still photos really do capture them better.

    but only a video can capture their superb dance skills. a talent which we shouldnt overlook.

    thanks for the site upkeep. you’re doing an amazing job.