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    Lane Kiffin gets pulled off the team bus at LAX and is fired Lane Kiffin was so bad, he couldn’t even outlast the sanctions. Everyone thought that Lane Kiffin was just a placeholder, until u$c’s sanctions expired and a real coach could be hired.  Athletic Director Pat Haden said after last year’s disastrous season that […]


    Cookie D’oh!  —  u$c gets dunked by Arizona State 62-41, their wafer-thin Defense gets chipped away for 611 yards of Total Offense, their only good player crumbles to the ground with an injury, they lose their “crying-over-spilled-milk” appeal to the NCAA for sanction reductions, and trojan hero O.J. Simpson gets busted in jail for stealing […]


    Undefeated #13 Bruins are living the life of luxury after their third straight blowout win, but you can go from the penthouse to the outhouse in a hurry — Just ask Jonathan Franklin or Penthouse Magazine Ex-UCLA Star Running Back Jonathan Franklin finally got his chance on Sunday.  Franklin is on the Green Bay Packers, […]


    Bruins pay tribute to the late Nick Pasquale, and overcome three red-zone Turnovers to roll to an inspired 59-13 victory over not-so-quality New Mexico State In their first Home game since the passing of Bruin Nick Pasquale, UCLA showed reverence by running their first play with only 10 players — because the Spirit of Nick […]

  • 42

    What a spread — UCLA is favored by 42  (i.e. 6 Touchdowns) on Saturday, and “42” is also the name of the movie about legendary Bruin Jackie Robinson (who wore #42 in the Majors), so here are 42 photos of the Bruin Cheerleaders, who personify the HUMILITY of Jackie that the Football team will need […]

  • .38 SPECIAL

    Caught up in U(CLA) — Hold on loosely as — in honor of the 38 straight points with which (now) #13 UCLA gunned down Nebraska — I fire your way 38 more Bruin Cheerleader pics that I shot at the Nevada game UCLA fans are brimming with confidence right now, after watching the Bruins dispatch […]


    Heavy Mettle Thunder — After Steppen softly and falling behind 21-3 while grieving the loss of their departed teammate, the Bruins get their motor running and fired all their guns at once, scoring 38 straight points to rock Nebraska 41-21 College Football is an emotional game.  The players are 18 to 22 years old, and […]


    Ex-trojans Clay Matthews and Rey Maualuga each cost their teams Week 1 victories with stupid, classless bush league penalties Not only did the u$c trojans lose in embarrassing fashion this weekend, but two NFL teams also lost thanks to unforgivable mistakes made by two brain-dead ex-trojans.  Just one day after u$c could muster only 7 […]


    Kessler throws a Pick 6 (to Damante Horton) and Wittek hurls the game-sealing Interception (also to Damante Horton) as Washington State’s Offense never finds the end zone, but the Cougars still Beat SC and Spacey horrible boss Kiffin 10-7 SC Sucks.  Always has, always will.  But now, everyone on the planet, including all trojan fans, […]


    50 various cheer photos…


    The Season Debut of the new UCLA Spirit Squad was so successful and well-received that I can’t help but feel pride in being part of the Selection Committee that made such wise choices, elevating the Dynasty to unprecedented heights Yeah, yeah, my arm is gonna get tired from patting myself on the back.  Actually, it […]


    UCLA Football shows first-strike capability; UCLA Cheerleaders are simply striking — Celebrating the Labor Day holiday with the perfect Union of Football and Spirit photos which show that no Bruins seemed to Labor in the Pasadena heat on Saturday while turning in impressive debut performances Recuperating on Sunday from the excitement of a big victory […]

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