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Ex-trojans Clay Matthews and Rey Maualuga each cost their teams Week 1 victories with stupid, classless bush league penalties

Not only did the u$c trojans lose in embarrassing fashion this weekend, but two NFL teams also lost thanks to unforgivable mistakes made by two brain-dead ex-trojans.  Just one day after u$c could muster only 7 points at home in the upset loss to lowly Washington State, the Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals also snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when their trojans gave the games away.

The Pack lost by 6 to the 49ers, who got a crucial 7 points after a flagrant penalty by Matthews.  The former trojan Linebacker launched himself at SF QB Colin Kaepernick, after Kaepernick had already run out of bounds.  A 49er retaliated, and DEADBALL offsetting penalties were called.  But the Refs screwed up, and gave the 49ers another 3rd down, on which they scored a TD.  You can blame it on the refs, but if not for Matthews’ DIRTY cheap shot, the Niners would not have gotten that Touchdown.  Afterwards, Kaepernick got the last laugh, and last word, when he announced to the Press that Matthews’ attempt at “intimidation” would not work.

It was even worse in Chicago, where the Bengals were down by only 3 points in the final minutes.  On the crucial 3rd down with 1:06 left, they stopped the Bears, so they were about to get the ball back with a good chance to tie or win the game.  But on that 3rd down stop, Rey Rey got into an altercation with a Bear player, and drew a flag for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.  The penalty gave the Bears an automatic 1st Down, enabling them to run out the clock.

When will NFL teams learn that drafting trojans is not prudent?  With the trojans’ storied history of rule-breakers, headcases, steroid abusers, and double-murderers, not to mention over-rated QB’s like Haden, Leinart, Cassell, Sanchez, and Booty, you’d think the League’s GM’s would learn.  Palmer was the only one to have ANY success, but no Super Bowls, and this week the journeyman led his new team to a come-from-ahead loss in Week 1, throwing a huge Interception that was returned to the Arizona 4 yard line, and losing a fumble in the 4th Quarter that enabled St.Louis’ comeback to be successful.

The only two ex-trojans to have good games were the two that have already been officially busted for violating NCAA and NFL Drug rules:  Reggie Bush, who had his Heisman taken away, and wins vacated, and Brian Cushing, who was an OBVIOUS steroid freak in school, and who finally got nailed by drug testing in the Pro’s, getting suspended for it.  Bush had a great game for his new Lions team, although he failed to break 100 yards Rushing.  Bush scored a TD for Detroit, but so did former UCLA Star Joseph Fauria, the Lions’ Rookie Tight End.  Fauria was undrafted, but signed as a Free Agent, and made that pick-up by Detroit look like a brilliant move.  In San Diego, Cushing had a key Pick 6 that allowed his Texans to barely beat the underdog Chargers on Monday night.  Maybe they should administer another drug test before the Texans’ next game.

Despite those two performances, the bottom line is that Pro teams should weigh the risks before drafting a trojan, because self-entitled arrogant cheaters with low Football IQ’s are rarely a good fit for a team looking to build Championship chemistry.

"CLAY AND REY PLAY TROJAN WAY (… AND THEY PAY)" was published on September 10th, 2013 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Saw both plays. Cracked me up big time! “Fight On!”

  2. dswenson wrote,

    Not surprised! They learned from the best – at cheating – but they got caught! HAHAHAHA!

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