With the high-scoring Houston Cougars coming to town, the intercourse should be about Football, but thanks to UCLA’s limp performance so far, the only excitement around here is for the Spirit Squad

Norm Chow’s Offense needs a shot of Viagra.  And if they sustain a drive for more than 4 minutes, call a Reporter. 

With the Nation’s highest-scoring Offense about to descend on Pasadena, the visions of what’s to come on Saturday Night are just too depressing to analyze in depth.  Even with Houston’s Star Quarterback Case Keenum recuperating from a concussion, the Bruins are still a 3-point Underdog at Home. 

Keenum, a Heisman hopeful, may or may not be ready to return, but Houston may REST HIM even if he IS ready, just because they CAN.  After watching tapes of the first two Bruin games, the Cougar staff must figure that they can win easily, even with their 2nd-string QB.  Actually, the 2nd-stringer performed well in relief of the injured Keenum last week, so don’t be shocked for Houston to take the cautious route with their Star.  Houston is #23 right now, and could have one of their best seasons in decades if Keenum is allowed to rest thoroughly before returning to action.

The flip side to that logic is Keenum’s Heisman campaign:  It would be tougher to win the award if he misses any more action.  Keenum’s case revolves around overwhelming Passing Stats, and taking away the 6 TD’s he might get against Sheldon Price and the outmatched Bruin Defense would certainly put a dent in his totals.  The Bruins haven’t been pressuring QB’s very much, so Keenum would likely have plenty of time to dissect the Secondary… if he plays.  I bet he wants to.

Now, since this week is all about “giving back,” here are 21 more brand new photos of the 2010 UCLA Dance Team and Cheer Squad.  And remember:  Click on these photos to enlarge them (especially the horizontal ones).


5 responses to “YOU WANT COUGARS OR CO-EDS?”

  1. JP Avatar

    The new redhead on the Dance Team is a DEFINITE Hall of Famer.

  2. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    Nice play on words. 🙂

  3. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    I agree with JP. There’s no substitute for red.

  4. BL Avatar

    Nice Cheer Squad pictures T-H! Looking forward to lots more this season! Thanks =)

  5. FB Avatar

    Not to take anything away from the current ladies, but there is simply no overcoming the loss of Brianna, Elise and Katie.

    [T-H’s Note: Have you SEEN Nikki this year? My advice is be patient — Katie, Elise, and Brianna were well-liked not just due to their looks, but also to their longevity, and to their warm personalities. We “got to know them,” and it made them even MORE attractive. Now it’s time to get to know the Girls of 2010, and with time, there will be a new Fab Four (or more), as new charisma is discovered, and new legends arise.]