A Rebus Puzzle for DIE HARD Bruin fans, celebrating (among other things) Alterraun Verner and Kai Forbath winning Player of the Week Awards

It’s gotta be the most famous Movie Catchphrase of our time that you CAN’T say on TV, or print on a “family” web site, but we think that we’ve captured its essence with with this 4-panel collage.

 It’s “Yippee” for the Alterraun Verner 76-yard Game-Winning Interception Return, which vaulted him to Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Week;  “Kai” is for Kai Forbath, who drilled three more Field Goals on Saturday, making him perfect for the last 6 games, and earning him Pac-10 Special Teams Player of the Week; “Yay” is for the UCLA Spirit Squad -past and present – who entertained everyone at Homecoming; and the “M-F” is of course “tommy trojan,” who is symbolic of all trojans, even more than O.J. is (but just barely).   Put it all together, and you’ve got Bruce Willis racing through Nakatomi Plaza like it’s 1987 again.  “Welcome to the Party, Pal.”

And Die Hard Bruin fans can rejoice for the moment, because “their Quarterback ISN’T toast.”  And to ensure that you find “Happy Trails, Hans,” here are 11 more game and cheer photos from Saturday.  And don’t forget:  Almost all the photos have mouse-over captions, and ENLARGE when you click them.

Bruce Davis BEARing down on Nate Longshore — #44 was loaded for Bear all day.

… but Cal’s #44 was loaded for Cow(an).

It BEARS repeating:  Cal’s #44 was doing his best Bruce Davis impression.

To thwart #44’s penetration, UCLA sent their “#1? threat on a Reverse.

And LOOK:  Cal did the exact same thing:  Sending THEIR “#1? threat on a Reverse to thwart #44’s penetration.

And there is DeSean Jackson, their “#1? threat, saying that Cal was the SECOND-best team in the Rose Bowl on Saturday.

You know who else was clearly #1?  Here’s a hint:  It WASN’T the CAL Cheer squad.

All five make you feel alive, but: Do you love the demure expression on the bottom right as much as we do?

We also love these close-ups, but feel sorry for the girls who have more cameras in their faces than Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears combined.

Homecoming brings back all sorts of fond memories.

Many happy returns at Homecoming (but where was Chelsey?)

[The following are Pantera photos for use on BruinZone — please ignore]

pantera for g73 and wr

pantera collage for g73 and wr

Pantera collage



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