…just ask my wife, Morgan Fairchild McCartney.

Practice makes perfect (at least can it make us not suck?)

No lie:  Season tickets have been delivered, and Fall practice has Come Together —  Help!  It’s time to Get Back to the Helter Skelter of a UCLA Football Revolution

We’ve got a driver, and that’s a start.  Ricky you can drive my car…

 The Bruins are back, and, as you can Imagine, this is no time to Let It Be.  UCLA is coming off a horrible year of Football, and has nowhere to go but up.  Just based on one day of no-pads workouts, you can already see that the Bruins are not satisfied with last year’s results, and that they are striving to climb out of that pit of despair.  You don’t have to be on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to understand that one.

With marked improvements in the Offensive Line and at the QB position, there is no doubt that the Bruins are heading in the right direction.  Norm Chow says that they have 18 guys in camp for the O-Line, and they only need 5 of them to make it work.  Norm likes those odds.

Obviously, it’s too early to make deep assessments, but the important thing is that there is no complacency whatsoever, and there were no significant injuries.  That might seem like nothing, but based on the last few years, it’s almost a miracle that 1 day has passed with everyone still healthy.

As practice continues, and they finally don pads, maybe some important info will come to light.  Maybe we’ll find the answer to the gnawing question:  Will they still suck?  But in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the moment, and let’s reflect back on a time gone by… 2007 to be exact, as I share with you some more brand “new” UCLA Spirit Squad photographs from that forgettable Notre Dame fiasco.  Obviously, the day was not a total loss…

Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away.

I’ll still love these girls, when I’m 64.

More popular than Jesus (with damn good reason).

Got to Get You Into My Life.

With a Little Help From My Friends

Until I saw her standing there.

All you need is Love.

Baby you can drive my car.

Roll up, for the Mystery Tour.

PS I Love You.

I wanna hold your hand.

You have reached the end of the long and winding road… but there’s many more comiing soon…