Are you kidding?  How can we take time off when the Reggie Bush Machine is threatening witnesses at gunpoint??

No time for an article today, but we had to just “check in” and say “hi.”  So:  Who still thinks Reggie Bush didn’t do anything wrong?

Lloyd Lake, the man suing Reggie Bush for the return of $300,000, was giving his deposition yesterday, when Bush’s “people” showed up with a “hitman.”  The guy was carrying a concealed weapon, and then flashed it at Lake, apparently to try to stop him from incriminating Reggie.

What more do you need to know?  Reggie should not only lose his Heisman — He should be kicked out of the NFL too.  What a f-in’ thug.  What a trOJan.  But maybe this one just dug his own grave.  


3 responses to “WTF?”

  1. BobTheBruin Avatar

    Do you have a link to an article about this event?

    [Editor’s Note: Are you kidding me? It’s all over the news. It’s even on the front page of the Times Sports page.]

  2. DomerByTheSea Avatar

    Booty’s brother got tassered… U$C families are so much fun to read about.