Ex-trojan O.J. Mayo runs to wrong basket during game — Not his first wrong turn

During a Grizzly game this week, former trOJan O.J. Mayo advanced the theory that he is and has always been a major pot-head, when he got confused after a jump ball, and took off for a fast break… to the other team’s basket.  His Memphis teammate won the jump ball, tipping it to another Grizzly, in the Grizzlies’ front court, but for some inexplicable reason, Mayo sprinted down to the other end, expecting the pass for an uncontested dunk.  Too bad his teammate didn’t smoke as much as O.J. must have, because it would have been a lot more awesome if Mayo had actually made a basket for the opposing team.

Mayo is the player who got his trOJan Coach Tim Floyd fired, when he allegedly took a $1000 cash payment delivered by the Coach.  He was also accused of marijuana offenses, as well as abusing a charity credit card to buy a wide screen TV and other luxury items.  The team received sanctions for all these shenanigans, but Mayo left without any further embarrassment, until this week, when his brain-dead play got him in the headlines for falling asleep at the wheel.  They say Indica makes you tired and impairs your judgment, but when you attend u$c, you have already shown impaired judgment, so the Weed may have had nothing to do with it.  For the video of the incident, just Google “O.J. Mayo.”