Write On!  Football Writers right a wrong by erasing from History usc’s ’04 Grantland Rice Trophy, and Matt Leinart may BE History, after getting written off as the Starter in Arizona (for this week, at least)

Call it “Writer’s Block.”

The Football Writers Association of America is blocking usc from keeping the Grantland Rice Trophy for the 2004 National Championship.  The trojans are being deleted from the Records, and Pat Haden says that they will indeed return the actual trophy itself.

The FWAA has decided to NOT give the trophy to another team.  Apparently, they felt that it wasn’t fair for a vote six years later to decide the Championship between Auburn, Oklahoma, and Utah.  So, thanks to sc’s Lack of Institutional Control, the Grantland Rice Trophy goes “unawarded,” for the first time in its 56-year History.

And speaking of unawarded, Arizona Cardinal Quarterback Matt Leinart was unawarded his Starting job this week, when Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt penciled in Derek Anderson as the Starter for their next game on Saturday.  Is it possible that the Coach has given up on Leinart, who played in three series in the last game, and went three-and-out in all three?  When asked what he was looking for from Anderson, Whisenhunt replied “First Downs.” 

Another possibility for Whisenhunt’s decision?  Maybe All-World Receiver Larry Fitzgerald stormed into the Coach’s Office, and demanded that Leinart be demoted.

Now all the Fantasy Football experts who predicted that Leinart would be this year’s biggest bust, are claiming that it is coming true, because Anderson will capitalize on this Preseason opportunity, and never look back, leaving Leinart as the Cardinals’ Back-up QB, ONCE AGAIN.  Anderson has had some success in the past, but is not consistent enough for one to assume that he will outperform Leinart this week.  Leinart is going to get plenty of playing time, and he’ll be out there KNOWING that his job is on the line.  That desperation should get the adrenaline pumping, and just might bring out Leinart’s finest effort ever.  On the other hand, the elevated pressure could make him choke.   But even if Leinart sucks, Anderson could suck worse, leaving Leinart at the top of the depth chart when the regular season starts.

Either way, this week’s indefinite demotion is a SLAP in the face to the struggling Leinart, who has been completely expecting to be The Man for Arizona this Season, after all these years of spectating from the sidelines.  Recently, Leinart and the trojans have been slapped more than Larry and Curly in a Three Stooges movie, or Jenna Jameson’s ass in a Three Splooges movie.  The differences between sc and Jenna?  She LIKES getting slapped, she understands WHY she’s getting slapped, and someday, she’s going to STOP begging to be slapped.


4 responses to “WRITE BETWEEN THE EYES”

  1. SVCATOSCMO Avatar

    If only the Cardinals could give Whineart 10 seconds to throw, too!

  2. Fast freddie Avatar
    Fast freddie

    well theres always “dancing with the stars” for Bobby Boucher (AKA Mattie)

  3. Sparky Avatar

    I don’t think Leinart has to worry too much about the performance of Derek Anderson, and unfortunately that speaks volumes about what the Cardinals have to look forward to this season. I’d say they’ll be battling it out with the Lams for the bottom of the division and trying figure out how to hire a real quarterback.

  4. Kacey Avatar

    some great action in world basketball with Love and Westbrook looking great!!! Might be a nice article for these alum