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The Season Debut of the new UCLA Spirit Squad was so successful and well-received that I can’t help but feel pride in being part of the Selection Committee that made such wise choices, elevating the Dynasty to unprecedented heights

Yeah, yeah, my arm is gonna get tired from patting myself on the back.  Actually, it is very rare that I am so proud of something that I have been a part of.  But watching the UCLA Cheerleaders on Saturday, and perusing the hundreds and hundreds of photographs of them performing has given me a great appreciation of the accomplishments of the Selection Committee that put this roster together.

It is almost impossible to decide which photos to share every day, because there are just SO many good shots, and so few that are unflattering or un-usable.  So far, the main problem is that I didn’t get enough shots of Carley, Julia, Tia, and Danielle, which is something I will try to remedy at the next home game.  I want everyone to see all the beautiful new additions to the squad.  I got lots of Areli, Kelly, Jane, and Josslyn, as you will see below, and I got SO MANY of Paulina, she will have her own spread in the next article.  But I owe you more of the first four I just mentioned, and I will deliver when I can, after the next event.

As for the returnees, you’ll see lots of Michelle, Caroline, Kelly, and Kayley today, with some more Amanda and McKenna, while in the future I will look to bring you more Riana, MaCall, Juliet, and Paula.  When I skimp on anyone, it is simply a matter of my lens being in the wrong place at the wrong time — I am not playing favorites.  I honestly think the beauty, grace, and talent is spread evenly across the whole squad, which, just like this year’s Football team, is DEEPER than ever.  Now here are 50 more photos that will bear that out.  But don’t look for Paulina in these — She gets the spotlight in the next pictorial.



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