…getting better all the time.  Better, better, bettter.

Victory over WSU lightens the mood in Westwood

Rick Neuheisel promised that his team would improve from week to week.  And, except for the drop from the emotion-driven Opening Night upset of Tennessee to the 59-0 loss to BYU, Neuheisel has delivered.  Of course, it’s not saying much to improve on 59-0, but the Bruins have definitely been making strides across the board.

Unless you blame it all on weak competition, the Bruin Defense is starting to gel again, and if Kahlil Bell is healthy, he now has some running lanes, so the Offense is starting to come together as well.  The winning streak of one is in serious jeopardy though, as the Bruins travel to Oregon this week.  The Ducks got shot down by sc on Saturday, but they are historically a much tougher team when playing at home.  And we all remember the outcome the LAST time the Bruins hit the road.  They’ve GOTTA improve on THAT, right?

Speaking of improvement, how do you improve on perfection?  You don’t, but the UCLA Spirit Squad does.  Here are another sweet seventeen photos, today entitled:   “The Way it was Meant to Be.”

Happy Days are here again, with Neuheisel as Ritchie, and Chow as Fonzie.  “Aaaaaaaaay.”

Dancing Days are here again.  Ya know they actually play “Satin Doll” for the old timers?

And this enthusiasm was BEFORE the game.

Speaking of Fonzie… Shots like these will never jump the shark.

The selection committee has an eye for “natural,” that makes this squad #1.

You wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the things those eyes have seen.

And here starts a mini-tribute, for my new “friends.”

The Baseball Angels are struggling, but the UCLA Angels are doing just fine, thank you.

Awwww, I hope I didn’t make her blush.

No, no — She GETS it.

Thus ends the imbedded mini-tribute, inspired by an in-person fan-compliment, at the rally.  Thanks again.

And on we move to another worthy subject for Love and adoration…

“Aaaaaaay.”  She could fix a juke box by just looking at it.

I had the best seat in the house at Saturday’s rally.

Hopefully, the Bruins kicked the habit (of losing).

There is something calming about smiling cheerleaders — like everything’s going to be alright.

Last one for tonight;  Many more to come.  If you’ve got a problem with that, you can “Sit on it, Potsie.”


3 responses to “WINNING STREAK”

  1. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Thank you T-H, these are some of finest photos you’ve ever posted here. As you pointed out, KATIE is getting better, and better and better. Well, she’s always been like a breath of fresh air, but I’m glad she’s finally getting more attention. KATIE is not only beautiful but she is even a nicer person than the beauty we all see in the outside. Come to think of it, all the girls are super nice, they are so gorgeous that you would think they would be stuck up, but they are not at all! Michelle is incredibly nice, which matches her smile, same goes for Elise, Brianna, Lisa, Kara, Kristle, Jaymie, and Kristin. Thank God for giving us Bruin fans such beauties that just LIGHT UP the Rose Bowl – even on gloomy and wet Saturdays!

  2. Ruben Avatar

    Was at the game, the weather was nice and cool compared to the previous week. The cheerleaders were beautiful as usual! Got to give a nod to the WSU cheer squad, worth a second look.

  3. JosephineBruin Avatar