Lord of the (Key) Rings.  [Precious].

10% OFF of Wholesale is what YOU get on these UCLA keychains (and others), when you use the BeatSC code at WholesaleKeychain.com through March

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Keychain biz.”  That’s what they say, but WholesaleKeychain.com obviously CAN take the heat, and this is how they cope with it:  They give a nice discount to Trojan-Haters like you.

As you know, I have never had any ads on this site.  And I can’t sell Official UCLA merchandise.  So when I was asked to write about some Official UCLA merchandise — in order to get a discount for my readers — I agreed to do it.   They sent me two different UCLA Keychains, including one with a bottle opener, and they sent me one cool, embossed silver Mustang keychain, with a revolving pony.

I’m allowed to be honest in my review, without jeopardizing your discount, and I thought it would be humorous to criticize the very company that was cutting you the break.  But after receiving the goods, I am unable to do that.  They are actually really nice, with solid construction, sharp colors, and the official, trademarked, UCLA  Bruins logo.  The first one has a unique silver ruffle pattern around the edge, while the second one has a bottle opener, made out of a lightweight but seemingly unbreakable metal.  The Mustang one is a shiny silvery circle, with a rotating inner circle that has a 3-D Mustang pony logo on it.  It’s probably the coolest of the 3, even though it doesn’t say UCLA.

All three of them are high-quality, and the UCLA ones are definitely made in the USA (The Mustang one probably is too, but it doesn’t say).   I recommend them wholeheartedly, and not just because they are letting me keep the samples (two of which they actually engraved with “BeatSC.com”).

So, if you have any sort of business with promotional needs, or if you have party favor needs, or if you just want a keychain TO SHAKE AT usc WHEN THEY PLAY THEIR FIGHT SONG, please go to WholesaleKeychains.com at this link:  


and check out their amazing catalogue of key rings, some with laser pointers, digital photos, pepper spray, and carabiners!  They also have keychains specifically designed for over 240 different makes and models of cars.  Also, if you have a blog, they will probably send you free samples — and they will even engrave them for you — as long as you agree to review them.

I get NO MONEY WHATSOEVER from the sales, but I still want to encourage you to go, and when you do, just use the CODE: “beatsc” to get 10% off their already-wholesale prices.

Wouldn’t these make great crew gifts at your next company picnic?

Ketchup & Mustard, BAD;  Catch up with a Mustang, GOOD.