Are we there yet?

With 31 days left until the 2009 UCLA Football Season kicks off, the tension is mounting (like the NCAA’s evidence against Fig. Tech)

Is this finally the year when the World rights itself?  Will UCLA return to the Rankings?  Will usc finally get busted for all thier bullsh!t?  Will the new Dance Teamers make us forget the girls who are not returning from last year?

The answers to these questions will all be answered very, very soon.  With the Bruins’ Football practice beginning next week, and the Season only a month away, UCLA fans are about to start getting all kinds of signs as to whether this will be another season to forget.  While fan faith in Rick Neuheisel is still high, confidence in the Offensive line and the new Quarterback are understandably lacking.  Fall practice will show everyone where the holes are, and hopefully, some of those holes will be ones opened up by Linemen, for the Running Backs to scamper through.  None of the Bruin QB hopefuls have the ability to overcome a pathetic running game — at least, not yet.  With some more Chow Training, a gem might be discovered, but it won’t happen overnight.  Maybe by mid-season, there will be something impressive to be seen, but don’t expect early-season miracles.

Speaking of what NOT to expect, the rumors say that sc’s upcoming NCAA sanctions won’t be handed down until October, or maybe even in December.  Do you think that the announcement will get a lot of Press?  Will ESPN make it their top story?  Will people finally realize what a bunch of cheating scumbags run troy?  And finally, what will trojan fans have to say?  Will they think they are being victimized unfairly?  Of course they will, because they are in complete denial.  They refuse to admit that theirs is a program run amok, and that it is dirtier than every other school in the Country.  It should be interesting, as they try to reconcile their feelings that if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying, with the TV ban that costs them all their best near-future recruits.

Lots and lots of questions still to be answered.  The one query that is NOT tough to answer is the one about the Dance Team.  The new girls WILL be awesome, however, we will NEVER forget the girls that departed this summer.  And just to prove that we will always cherish all of Mollie’s girls, here are some more ’06 shots that, like the Squad itself — and like sc’s reputation for breaking every rule in the book — will live on forever. 

The anticipation would make Heinz and Carly Simon blush.

It’s like at school, right before the dismissal bell, when the clock moves BACKWARDS a minute.

Time sure speeds up once the season starts.

And when Football AND Basketball are in session, time FLIES.

Can you already hear “Every man, woman, & child” ringing in your ears?

But it’s so close, you can taste it.

The Football team HAS to be better this year, right?  Right?  Please?

Maybe the lowered expectations will keep traffic down a little?

One more bad Football season, and I’m nominating Mollie for Head Coach.  She never fails to deliver.

I bet Mollie could choreograph a play that would be 6 points every time.  I mean, has she EVER been held scoreless?

Even the Alumni Band looks enticing in August.  [Just kidding — We love the band.]

It makes me feel a little like a scumbag paparazzi, but the candid shots are still my favorites.

It’s rare, but some girls just seem to get better and better looking as time marches on.

I hope this spread will help you hold it together, at least until the Fall Scrimmage.



  1. RR Avatar

    I rather like this nostalgic trip featuring Chelsey 😀

  2. Robert Avatar

    Very nice trip down memory lane. Chelsey, Holly and Brette look fabulous. Katie and Elise look super even as newcomers they held their own. Love them (Michelle came a year later didn’t she?)