Venus the Roman God of Love and Beauty, NOT the razor, the planet, or the Tennis player.

Until Bushgate or Mayogate hits the fan, the best way to hit a trojan fan is to bring up Song Girl-gate

Yesterday was Pac-10 Media Day, when all the Coaches bring a Player to the Press for statements and Q&A’s.  So naturally, you would assume that this site would be full of quotes and comments from that event.  Well, if you want to hear all the same things that you’ve been hearing for the last few months, you’ll have to seek it somewhere else.

Media Day was a boring get-together of a bunch of Pete Carroll Ass-Kissers, talking about how great Pete is, and about the Pac-1 and the Pac-9.  How come no one asked Pete about the cheating?  What ever happened to the Reggie Bush SCandal?  How can sc win the Rose Bowl if they are BANNED from postseason play?  And not one mention of steroids, despite the damning photos that turned up on the Net a couple of months ago?  Of course it’s the Pac-1, when the 1 stands for Murder 1.  Steroids, free rent, pimped-out cars, diamond earrings, guys who suddenly go from D’s to A’s  — Of course they’re picked to win it — How could they ever lose a game with all those “advantages?”

Meanwhile, Rick Neuheisel charmed the pants off of the Press Corps, but as far as YOU are concerned, he said nothing new.  He is still apologizing for his past life, pulling out his standard, “It is what it is” mantra.  Then he talked about QB injuries, and how great his relationship with Norm Chow is.  No offense to Rick, but:  Blah, blah, blah… 

You die hards have heard it all, already.  Yesterday was for the people who don’t go to message boards and Bruin blogs every day.  So instead of dwelling on football cliches and Coaches sharing mutual respect, it’s time for a nice Friday pictorial of the UCLA Spirit Squad, that should keep all those whiny, complaining sc fans whining and complaining.  As we have stated repeatedly, there is nothing wrong with the usc Song Girls (despite the “Song Girlgate” uproar about nepotism and sabotage ruining the squad) — It is not their fault that they came up against a Dynasty.

Even the trojans admit it:  Everyone LOOKS UP to the UCLA Dance Team.

There’s talk of sc stealing Mollie — That would be a crime against Humanity.

Media Day, Schmedia Day — Show me the Money Shots!

In Spirit, it’s the Pac-2 and the Pac-8, with Oregon bringing up the rear of the Pac-2.

Gotta love the slight head-cock.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Bruin Women are just out of this World.

TGIF — These Girls Incite Frenzy

Is this the Unofficial Headquarters of UCLA Cheerleader photos, or WHAT??

And I swear, these Girls are NOT letting all the Press go to their heads.

If you feel like you were just waterboarded at Abu Ben Boobie, you MAY be a trojan.


5 responses to “VENUS ENVY”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    I love being a Bruin! Thanks T-H! GO BRUINS!

  2. jp Avatar

    Great photos. If USC Football is the pre-season undisputed Pac-10 champs this year, then UCLA Dance Team is the pre-season undisputed Pac-10 champs of cheerleaders, what with all the girls returning. Hell, they’ve got the national title all wrapped up.

  3. J Avatar

    Thanks as always for the photos of the UCLA Spirit Squad…its the only way to make it through the off season!

  4. Mike Avatar

    Their dresses are too long

    [T-H’s Note: Amen.]

    [T-H’s 2nd Note: I think Mike wins the July, 2008 Award for “Best Tongue-in-Cheek Comment by a New or Infrequent Poster.”]

  5. Robert Avatar

    One future Super Model and eight “current” Super Models, on this squad . . . God is great!! we Bruin fans are sooooo, blessed!!