I’d like to buy a vow — Anyone who spins the Wheel and gets to exchange vows with Savannah — or any of the current UCLA Cheerleaders — is in good Fortune, not in Jeopardy

You can’t buy happiness, and you can’t buy a UCLA Cheerleader, since, unlike OTHER places, these girls are not for sale.  However, you CAN “RENT” this brand of happiness, as the Spirit Squad DOES hire out for private events and the like.  Maybe my family will hire the whole squad for my funeral?  That’s the way I want to go out, especially if my wife just killed me, for spending too much time promoting them.

A more conventional use would having them appear/perform at a Birthday Party.  They sure would be a smash hit at a Bar Mitzvah.  Oy!  Maybe a Corporate event, although there might be trojans in the midst.  Better would be a function put on by a UCLA fan/booster group.  All I know is life would be better if there were more UCLA Cheerleaders in it.  Going to court to fight a ticket?  How cool would it be to have your own cheering section?  Getting audited at the IRS?  What  better way to distract/influence the auditor?  Snoop Dogg may have an entourage, but this would be WAY better, fo’ shizzle.

Below are 45 more UCLA Cheer photos from Saturday.  Click on them to enlarge them, and come back soon, as I have another 40 or so, ready to be posted very soon.



2 responses to “‘VANNAH (IN) WHITE”

  1. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    This is a tough one: Savannah, Maya and the rest of the beauties, or, the “never-was-funny, never-will-be-funny,” Will Ferrell. I’m going with the former.

  2. Frank Avatar

    Where are the other 40 pics?

    [T-H’s Note: Ooops. Sorry. I forgot. They are up now. Thanks for reminding me.]