usc: Where EVERYONE Majors in Armed Robbery (whether they want to or not)

Did O.J. Major in Criminology too?

Bad Karma for O.J.U.? — In the wake of Simpson’s Armed Rob. and Kidnapping charges NOT being thrown out, two Armed Robberies occur IN usc CLASSROOMS

For YEARS, we’ve been saying that paying tuition to usc for an education is like Highway Robbery.  Well, we were close… 

When you CHOOSE to go to school in South Central Los Angeles – often donating hundreds of thousands of dollars for the “privilege” to do so, you assume certain risks.  One of them is not getting a quality education.  Another, is getting held up at gunpoint on campus.

Now before you go into a tizzy and start writing letters complaining of how callous we are to these poor victims, read this:  No one was hurt.  If the perps pulled the trigger, we wouldn’t be writing this.  As for replacing the stolen money, if they are like many sc students, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.And if they’re on Financial Aid, they’ll probably get an outpouring of money from their trojan community now, so again, they should land on their feet.  Let us emphasize:  We are SORRY that these kids had to go through this traumatic experience, and we hope that the Police catch the Players responsible and bring them to Justice.

But since it DID happen, why not turn it into a positive:  This is a perfect opportunity for prospective college students who are mulling over their choices, to see what the Reality of usc is.  When it’s time to sign up for classes, do you really want to see “Armed Robbery 101” as a mandatory course requirement?  Do you WANT to be propositioned in the campus bathroom by Men of troy looking for Gay sex?  THAT scandal was only a few months ago.

Some critics will say that Westwood is just as dangerous as South Central, but has there EVER been a Larry Craig-type incident at UCLA, or a single Armed Robbery INSIDE a UCLA Classroom, let alone two different incidents in the same Weekend?  Why would anyone want to pay all that money to go to school in a veritable Red Light District in a Combat Zone?  Is the University of Haliburton-Iraq all full?

The First and Biggest CLUE to sc’s Culture of Crime is their gigantic ongoing tribute to Double-Murdering O.J. Simpson.  What will it take for them to stop worshipping at the Altar of Felonies?  O.J. has been “working it” for over a decade now, and this month has been one of his busiest in years.  Just recently, he tried to have the Armed Robbery and Kidnapping Charges against him thrown out, but the Judge (who was probably laughing under the robe) said no.  O.J. also thought he might get off the hook for the money he owes his victims’ families, but THAT Judgement, which was set to expire this month, was EXTENDED for TEN more years.

That means that O.J. will continue to USE his Daughter in schemes to defraud the Goldmans and Browns, like making his money look like it belongs to his Kids’ Trust Funds.  Fred Goldman should make sure to check O.J.’s coffin when he is buried, because O.J. is going to do everything he can to “take it with him.”

If Goldman has his way, it will be a Prison Funeral, since the currently-pending Kidnapping charge carries with it Life Imprisonment as a possible penalty.

But that’s not all going on in O.J.-land.  He also just got a FIVE-MONTH postponement for his big Trial.  Apparently, his new Dream Team couldn’t concoct another BS story in time for the April 7th, original date.  Another monkey wrench in the trial could be a NEW lawsuit, where one of O.J.’s kidnapping victims is suing one of O.J.’s kidnapping buddies, claiming that the whole thing was a set-up.

Sadly, this guy could be right.  Apparently, the kidnapper that he’s suing had a hidden digital recording device, and tried to get $2 Million from TMZ for the tape.  He just now denied that he got only $167,000, but is only denying the amount, not the sale.

Luckily, even if it proves to be a set-up, that doesn’t mean that O.J.’s in the clear.  If any one of the victims was not “in on it,” then it could still be construed as armed robbery and kidnapping.  With all this deflating news that keeps hitting O.J., we’re a little surpried that he doesn’t eat his gun.  But we’ll always be more surprised that Fred Goldman doesn’t feed him one.


And just a few Basketball notes:  Honorary trOJan Jason Kidd choked again, for the second time in a row as a Dallas Maverick Messiah against the Lakers.  After the short-handed Lakers proceded to blow 22 points of their 25-point lead in Dallas, Kidd had a wide-open Three that would have forced Overtime, in a game where the Mavericks had ALL the momentum.  But instead of just shooting the ball, the confidence-lacking Kidd double-clutched and tried to jump into Kobe to draw a foul.  You would think a Veteran like Kidd would recognize that he’s going up against arguably the Best Defensive Player on the Planet, and wouldn’t try a Bush League maneuver to outsmart him.  But you would also think a guy who went to Cal would be smart enough to NOT beat his Wife, so you never know.

Kidd’s shot wasn’t close, no foul was committed or called, and Dallas went on to lose.  Dirk Novitsky actually had a last-second desperation J for the win, but the contested Three didn’t draw iron.  But Dirk wasn’t the Goat, Kidd was.  Novitsky scored 35, while Kidd scored ONE Point, on 0-for-3 shooting, in 27 minutes of Play.  He actually had more Turnovers (1) than made baskets.

We’d LIKE to say that Jordan Farmar was the key for the Lakes, but we’d be lying.  Farmar scored only 2, and the Lakers lost ground (-6 points in all) while he was in for Derek Fisher.  On THAT subject, it was nice to see them in at the same time recently.  There’s no reason why one of them can’t play Shooting Guard for a short period of time.

But the Laker spark last night might keep that Fisher-Farmar combo from occurring:  Vlad Radmanovic hit 4 Threes, including a couple crucial ones late.  Vlad finished with 21, which, along with Kobe’s 29, were JUST enough for L.A. to escape Dallas with a 102-100 win.  

The victory put the Lakers back in 1st in the West, tied with Houston.  The Rockets finally had their 22-game, partly Yao-less Winning Streak snapped, in a 20-pont Home loss to the Celtics.  At least they didn’t lose it on a bad call or lucky play — They just got hammered.

 And one final, happy note:  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is OFF CRUTCHES, and should be available on Round Two Saturday, if not Thursday.  And Kevin Love, if you had any doubt, is NOT in doubt for Thursday’s Round One match-up.  Sorry, Delta Devils, but it’s going to be “Love and Let Die.”

The Coliseum TORCH is NOT what should be burning there.


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  1. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    catch the players responsible – THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!!

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Nice pic. The Spirit Of troy!

  3. bruin88 Avatar

    What’s the official stand on usc in the tournament? While the rivalry stands, Trojans advancing and winning against other conference teams does uphold or improve the reputation of the pac-10. I myself have temporarily dropped my hate for USC during the tournament when they play non pac-10 teams, for hopes of improving the pac-10. What does everyone think?

    [Editor’s Note: Apparently, you don’t understand this site. Regular readers of this site HATE usc at almost any cost, and that includes the supposed humilation of the Pac-10 Conference. There are several other Pac-10 teams that can erase the stench that sc just left. We haven’t stopped celebrating since the trOJans’ pathetic loss to an 11-Seed, even though it ended an hour ago, and was a bad showing for the Pac-10. No offense – We are NOT trying to be rude – but we prefer to communicate with those who share this view. It is what this site is all about.]

  4. Josephine Bruin Avatar
    Josephine Bruin

    COOL Editor’s note! I love that SC lost. I can’t help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!