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Two Trojans (Tyler and Turner) Trashed, Trojan Tyron Taxed, and Trojans’ Top Hoopster Transfers

Traumatic Trouble Targets Trojans — Two trojans get cut by their NFL teams, one gets fined for an illegal play, and sc’s best returning Basketballer is not returning

[NOTE:  40 more brand new UCLA Cheerleader photos at the end of this article]

I admit:  None of this is earth-shattering news, and these items are barely blips on the radar, but when bad things happen to trojans or to u$c, it’s worth reporting here.  So let’s start with a little Karmic Retribution.  Ex-trojan Marc Tyler, who is known for getting shitfaced, spitting on a female student, and later announcing to TMZ that trojans get illegally paid to play, just got cut from the Green Bay Packers.

Tyler is a big, young Running Back, and will probably catch on with another team, but probably not a team with such a great shot at winning it all this year.  He COULD end up on another contender, but, with his piss-poor arrogant attitude and drinking problem, he could just as easily wind up in the Canadian Football League or even the Arena Football League.

Another ex-trojan who didn’t live up to his expectations is Wide Receiver Patrick Turner, who just got released from the Jets.  Apparently, ex-trojan Mark Sanchez must not have lobbied to keep his trojan buddy as part of New York’s Receiving corps.  Again, this is no big deal and no reason to go “Haw-haw!” like Nelson Muntz on “The Simpsons,” since Turner will more than likely rebound with another team.  But the Jets don’t have good Receivers, so it’s pretty sad that Turner couldn’t make it in New York.  They say if you could make it there, you could make it anywhere, but since he couldn’t, maybe he won’t make it anywhere in the NFL.

A trojan who was always a lock for the Pro’s was Offensive Lineman Tyron Smith, who plays for the Cowboys.  But on Opening Night, he made an illegal horse collar tackle (after a Tony Romo pass was Intercepted), and he is being fined $15,000 for the dirty play.  They should tally up all the illegal hits in the Pro’s, broken down by college — $C would probably be ranked #1.

Finally, the trojans’ #1 returning scorer from the Basketball team — Maurice Jones — was failing out, so he is leaving sc for good.  Originally he was going to get his grades up and come back to the trojan team next year, but he apparently decided it wasn’t worth it.  Imagine his surprise when he was declared academically ineligible at u$c — I mean, what do you have to do to flunk out of a “school” where athletes go to trade tech annexes and take phony Spanish classes for automatic A’s, or where campus celebs hire classmates to write term papers for them?

Speaking of campus celebs, back over at UCLA, the Cheerleaders are kinda like Royalty, but they don’t need anyone to take their tests for them.  They are all high-GPA classroom all-stars, many with majors or double-majors — and workloads — that would make your head spin, in subjects that would blow your mind.  Funny, they don’t look it… but it’s true.  Plus, they have to dedicate countless hours to rehearsals!  So, in their honor, here are 40 more photos from the Nebraska game.  Click on them to zoom in, and I encourage you to write in and tell me if you like them (the girls, OR the photos, or both).  Thanks.

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