Three Men and a Baby — Bruin Pitching Assassins go #1 and #3 in the MLB Draft, highly-regarded Korey McCray ascends from AAU to Ben Howland’s staff, and whining SUC-up Bill Plaschke tries to assuage trojan guilt

For the first time since 1978, two of the top three picks in the Major League Baseball Draft come from the same school, as UCLA Starting Pitchers Gerrit Cole and Trevor Bauer were selected first and third, by Pittsburgh and Arizona.  Cole becomes the first Bruin to EVER be the #1 overall pick of the Draft.

There is no guarantee that Cole and Bauer will rise through the Minors and make their big league clubs, but my guess is that they will both be shutting out the Dodgers before Frank McCourt is forced to sell the team.

UCLA Athletics put out a Press Release with a note worth repeating: With Cole being the Top Pick, UCLA becomes the ONLY SCHOOL IN HISTORY to have a #1 overall pick in the Pro Baseball Draft, Pro Basketball Draft, Pro Football Draft, and Pro Soccer Draft.

In an effort to get some future #1 picks in Basketball, Ben Howland has added a key component to his staff:  Korey McCray, formerly of the AAU Atlanta Celtics.  McCray is highly-respected not only for teaching fundamentals, but for developing solid relationships with the Nation’s most talented players.  McCray is already connected to two current potential recruits who are Nationally-ranked right now, and has personally worked with NBA Stars Dwight Howard and John Wall, amongst others.  His reputation and personality are both supposed to make him a Recruiting wizard in no time at all.

Speaking of reputation, the L.A. Times has a reputation for SUCk-ing up to u$c and its fans, and yesterday’s column by Bill Plaschke is a perfect example.  Instead of complimenting the BCS for their widely-applauded decision to strip the trojans of their already severely-tainted BCS crown, he laughed at the move as if it doesn’t mean anything.  He says that the vacating of the title doesn’t take away the knowledge that sc won the Championship.  In essence, he is saying that it doesn’t matter how much you cheat — As long as you don’t get caught until afterwards, you still get to be considered the winners.

How can you DESERVE to keep a trophy if you broke all the rules to get it?  If I go ROB Marisa Tomei of her Oscar Statuette, does that make me Best Supporting Actress of 1992?  Or if they find out that she didn’t really win the vote, should she still get to keep the trophy?

Plaschke says he was there and personally saw Reggie Bush and the trojans win the Title game.  Reggie Bush — an INELIGIBLE player.  Sorry, Bill, but it doesn’t count if you blatantly break the rules.  It has been proven that Bush was paid to play — So how many others on that roster were illegally induced to come to $c, or, how many of them came to sc because Bush was going there?

Plaschke goes on to whine that no one can wipe out his MEMORY of the season, and that u$c has already been “punished enough without taking away the truth.”  The TRUTH?  The TRUTH?  Is he serious, or is he just kissing the Cardinal and Gold asses of his subscribers?  The TRUTH is that Bush is guilty, $c is guilty, and without their cheating, NONE of what transpired on the field would have come close to occurring.

Plaschke cements his status as trojan apologist with the second half of his article, where his nose gets extremely brown as he inserts it into Lane Kiffin’s behind.  Plaschke makes it sound like Kiffin is now a Saint who can do no wrong, and who has suddenly matured from the slimy cheater that he has been proven to be, to a godsend for the new, clean-image trojans.  Is he trying to persuade the NCAA panel that is about to interrogate Kiffin and Co. over their transgressions at Tennessee?  Or does he just want special privileges at the trojan press club buffet next season?

With Plaschke jumping off the deep end, does this mean that T.J. Simers is the Times writer with the most Integrity now?  And if Simers wins a Pulitzer but later is discovered to have plagiarized the whole article, does Plaschke think that Simers should get to keep the Award?



  1. Rick Avatar

    No surprise about Plaschke–he is a complete and total buffoon who knows very little about sports, and most often parlays that modicum of knowledge into opinions, advice, and predictions that are virtually always ludicrous, asinine, and just plain wrong. In fact, he’s so consistently wrong, you could probably make a good living betting against everything he says…Honorary trojan?

  2. dswenson Avatar

    SplaSChke and TJ Slimers both STINK! They are 2 of the reasons I no longer take the Times. They are trogan slime! They should not be called sports writers. They only see cardinal and gold. When will they be fired?