Steve Sarkissian says Reggie Bush looks like an idiot again, for not fessing up

Maybe Pat Haden thinks Reggie Bush’s return of the Heisman Trophy was “noble,” but ex-trojan Coach Steve Sarkissian thinks that it was a completely empty gesture.  According to Sark, Bush’s forfeit-without-admitting-guilt was a completely idiotic waste of a golden opportunity to Man Up.  And apparently, he thinks that being an idiot is nothing new to Reggie:  Sarkissian said that Reggie is being an idiot, “AGAIN.”

Sarkissian’s “again” COULD be referring JUST to Reggie’s massive scroll of violations, which of course even most trojans agree was unfathomably idiotic.  On the other hand, Sark’s “again” could imply that he thinks that the arrogant Tailback was truly idiotic, just based on his overall personality, and on his general lack of intelligence.

Either way, Sark is correct about the remorseless forfeiture, and it’s nice that took the quote and ran with it, putting it right on their front page.  It’s just too bad that Sarkissian KEPT TALKING:  Sark actually brought his credibility into question with his follow-up comment.  Since Sarkissian was a Coach on the sc team that got disgraced with severe punishments, he decided to DEFEND that team’s results.  Sark said that the team was NOT the best in the Nation BECAUSE of money that the Bush’s received.

THAT comment is just as idiotic as anything Bush has said or done.  Actually, he’s RIGHT that the team wasn’t good because Bush got paid — They were good because EVERYONE got paid.  All those stellar Recruiting classes are what made the team good, and the recruiting was good BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL GETTING EXTRA BENEFITS.  The scumbag, 5-star, non-student athletes came in droves, knowing that they could get envelopes of cash, fancy cars, free rent, access to agents, and all the steroids that they could inject.

All these illegal inducements led to sc’s run, which is why their one-peat is now a zero-peat.  How can a guy like Sarkissian NOT understand that?  Because his time at sc taught him how to dive deep into an ocean of DENIAL.

At least now we know why Sarkissian was able to recognize what an idiot Bush is — It takes one to know one.  And Sark better be careful what he wishes for:  What if Bush REALLY DOES come clean, and implicates Sarkissian and the rest of the Staff?  What if Bush can prove that not just Todd McNair, but also Sark, Carroll, and Kiffin all totally knew about all the illegal benefits, trips, and payoffs?

What would Sarkissian call Bush then?