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From LenDale Fumblelina to Glendale-Pasadena

Inconceivable:  Deep Playoff run expected to be erected by Jeff Fisher is aborted by injury that thrust LenDale White into the crucial role of Tennessee’s primary ballcarrier

The last time a Coach relied on LenDale White, it was 4th and Short, White CAME up short, and SC came up short against Vince Young and Texas for the National Championship.  On that day, the Coach had a better alternative — Reggie Bush — watching from the bench. 

Yesterday, ex-trojan player and long-time Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher had NO other options, as Starting Running Back Chris Johnson — like Reggie Bush — was also watching from the bench, but with an incapacitating ankle injury.  So Fisher was stuck with LenDale White, in the Playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Despite the Ravens’ highly-ranked Defense, Johnson had been productive.  Prior to his 2nd quarter injury, he was averaging about 7 yards a carry, and he had already run for a Touchdown.  But as soon as Johnson went down, White responded by fumbling the ball away as the Titans were approaching the Red Zone in a tight and low-scoring game.

The Turnover, and White’s paltry 3-yards-a-carry average for the game, helped the Ravens pull off a 13-10 upset IN Tennessee, becoming the third-worst memory for Fisher in his career, after just barely losing the Super Bowl, and the famous pass that he tipped to Freeman McNeil to give UCLA a memorable victory over sc.

OBVIOUSLY, there were other contributing factors in the Titans’ loss, especially the other Turnovers, a missed, makable Field Goal, and a horrible missed call on a Delay of Game penalty.  But White’s devastating and momentum-changing giveaway, and the general drop-off from the speedy Johnson to the plodding, ineffective White were SO critical, that the TV announcer emphasized them towards the end of the game, and then the post-game TV crew echoed the exact same sentiment right after the game.  These announcers weren’t Bruins, but maybe they soured on White a couple of years ago, when LenDale showed up to training camp out of shape.  Or maybe they lost money on that trojan Rose Bowl loss to Vince Young (who coincidentally, is currently ON the Titans, and is their former Starting QB).  Or maybe, just maybe, White really did end up being one of the main reasons that the Titans and Fisher are joining Fisher’s fellow ex-trojans Dwayne Jarrett and Ryan Kalil in going on early vacation.  Jarrett and Kalil are starters on the Carolina Panthers, who were previously undefeated at home — and playing at home as 10-point Favorites — but lost to the Arizona Cardinals 33-13.  Wide Receiver Jarrett could muster only 2 catches for just 27 measly yards, as his QB Jake Delhomme completed more than twice that many to the OTHER team.

Meanwhile, Arizona was led by QB Kurt Warner, the former washed-up, former grocery store bag boy who is playing ONLY because ex-trojan Matt Leinart couldn’t handle the job.  So Leinart watched from the sidelines as Warner and Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald made the Panther Secondary look like Penn State’s did in the Rose Bowl, en route to a very easy victory.  The further the Cardinals go, the more games Whineart has to hold the clipboard while an immobile fossil (with a great arm) continues to collect all the accolades.

And speaking of accolades…

 I didn’t have to bend over backwards to find the trojan-hating angle in this game.



“Strike!” (i.e. “right on target,” not “a swing and a miss”).

Okay, no more rhyming……..”Psych!”

“Nike!” (Adidas, actually, but Adidas didn’t LOOK LIKE a rhyme with ” “hike,” “like,” “strike,” and “psych.”).

“Yikes!”  It would have sucked to see Tennessee — the team Norm Chow just left — go all the way without him.

“Mike!” (If only they [or I] were “miked up,” then you could actually HEAR the cheers that give me chills).

“Tykes!”  (To some of you old fogeys — ya gotta remember that they’re just young kids out there).

“Vikes!”  (These images are starting a second Viking Invasion — This invasion is Minnesotans coming west to meet California Girls).

“Trike.’  (I would ride a tricycle — through fire — for these girls).

“Mike ‘n Ikes’s!”  (Like CANDY to the soul [and eyes]).

“Spikes!” (In YOUR blood pressure, and my website traffic.  Thanks!).


"TROJAN FORCED TO USE TROJAN FAILS TO PRODUCE" was published on January 11th, 2009 and is listed in News from the Dark Side, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Nice pics T-H! Thanks! When white fumbled the ball, was it because it bounced off his belly. Maybe one day the guy will get in shape. I think he’s a good player but he’s also a punk-a$$.
    Some wild football games yesterday. Today’s should be good too. GO EAGLES!

  2. jp wrote,

    I hope Brianna will be performing back on the team soon.

  3. SCopper wrote,

    A nice comeback for Brianna.

  4. JosephineBruins wrote,

    Go Matt Ware!

  5. Impgard wrote,

    Brianna is back performing. She and the rest of the Dance Team were at Pauley to help celebrates the Trojan women lose to UCLA’s lady hoopsters. And she looked great. I only wished they wore their white dress uniform…I hate dance pants.

  6. Ken S. wrote,

    I agree with you all except for saying Kurt Warner is a “former washed-up, former grocery store bag boy.” I’d rather be that than some fat, loud-mouth illiterate or a beer-guzzling, party-boy, currently never-was quarterback who would rather hang with skanks than work out and get better.

    Northern Iowa has had more successful quarterbacks than Southern California. And Warner actually attended class there unlike LenWhale and Winert.

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