L’Chaim to the Rivalry:  Carroll and Neuheisel agree for both teams to wear colored jerseys on Saturday

Don’t call them “Home” jerseys.

 No, sc does NOT “own the Rose Bowl,” but on this Saturday, they will be wearing their ketchup-colored jerseys instead of their white “Road” jerseys.  From now on, UCLA and usc will honor the old tradition of both teams wearing non-white when they face each other.

Many Bruin fans are upset, complaining that the tradition only existed because the schools SHARED a Home Stadium, and that now it would be stupid to each wear their darks.  To this, I say BULLSH-T!

Stop thinking of them as Home and Away jerseys.  Think about the Cowboys and Dolphins and LSU Tigers who wear white at home.  Think of Baseball, where all Home teams wear white, and finally, think of Basketball, where the Visitors wear the dark color.  Dark does NOT equal “Home.”

This Rivalry is the best in the Nation, and it deserves special status.  By wearing Blue and Red, and not white, it becomes a National spectacle (in a good way).   The game will once again stand out from every other game in the whole Sports Nation, just the way it should.

There is only one problem with this whole concept, and it’s NOT that sc gets to go first — It’s that the very first time (since 1982) that the tradition gets re-unveiled, it’s going to be an amazing technicolor backdrop to a horrible, horrible game — The spread has actually INCREASED to 33 (and by the way, if I were a betting man, I would NOT take those points).


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  1. The Natural Avatar
    The Natural

    a fiddler on the roof reference. very nice. dont see too much of those anymore. video of Lot H routines this weekend?

    [T-H’s Note: I’m CONSIDERING video. I don’t know if the Squad Leader would appreciate it, I’m not sure I have good enough equipment to make it worthwhile, and I’m not sure if my wife can handle the camcorder while I continue to get the mandatory stills. But if I can park close to the festivities (so I can return the videocam to the car before the game), maybe I’ll try to pull it off. Just for you.]