Have you heard the latest Buzz?  A few Cheerleaders will train Future Leaders in a space-age new program that will allow kids to lead cheers at real Bruin games with the UCLA Spirit Squad

Do you have any little Bruins aged 6-to-14 that would like to be Lightyears ahead of the competition to become UCLA students/Cheerleaders, and to have a great Story to tell?  Well, don’t Toy with them;  Instead, sign them up for the brand new JUNIOR UCLA SPIRIT SQUAD!!

This Cheerleader “Training” program is an Official enterprise of the UCLA Spirit Squad, and will be directed by current Dance Team member Tiana.  It is open to BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS, and there is NO CHEER EXPERIENCE REQUIRED — The kids who join will get to attend Preparation Clinics, and then get to perform alongside the real Squad, at UCLA Football games in the iconic Rose Bowl.  There will also be performances at Men’s and Women’s Basketball games, and Volleyball games.

For merely $100, the children will receive t-shirts, shorts, bows, pom poms, 8 x 10 photos of the Squad, AND TICKETS TO THE GAMES!!!  They will learn how to perform in front of thousands of people, which will give them confidence and poise.  I guarantee that it will be a PRICELESS experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  Having 50,000 people cheer for you, at any age, can be a great boost for self-esteem, truly life-affirming, and will definitely strengthen thier loyalty to UCLA.

For detailed information on the program, the schedule, and the sign-up process, please e-mail Mollie Vehling at :

Feel free to e-mail her just to get info or ask questions — You will NOT be obligated to join just because you sent an e-mail.  The Squad would love to just gauge your interest and feel your support, even if you can’t commit immediately.  That being said, there MAY be a limit to the amount of people who can join, so write in soon, and consider reserving a spot.   The first clinic is only a month away!

In honor of this admirable endeavor, here are 8 photos of the Spirit Squad — posing with (and recruiting) potential future Bruins — at Saturday’s Scrimmage.