Tribute to Tiana — A Tiana Treasure Trove of FORTY-EIGHT never-seen-before photos, all featuring the lovely, returning Tiana of the UCLA Dance Team

It may be the “off-season” for UCLA Football and Basketball, but there is no “off” position on the switch that controls the BeatSC.com photo archives.  I have literally thousands of UCLA Cheerleader photos that have never been published, with hundreds already cropped and Photoshopped, ready for posting.

I COULD do an article on the Lady Bruins’ NCAA Championship in Golf, or on the UCLA Baseball Team’s Pac-10 Championship, but when I cover any Sport other than Men’s Basketball or Football, I get virtually no response.  So instead, I give the people what they really want:  More Cheerleader photos.

So here is the biggest gallery I’ve ever posted (outside my Hall of Fame collections) — 48 photos — all featuring the lovely Tiana (in honor of meeting her Mom, who was very nice to me).  Please take your time to enjoy these pics, click on the horizontal ones to enlarge them, and please feel free to comment… with the knowledge that Tiana’s Mom may be reading what you write :).


2 responses to “TIANA-RAMA”

  1. J Avatar

    Wow, she’s a cutie! Good shooting!

  2. Marty Avatar

    One of the best on the team! Thanks for the pics!