The SCums of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, 9021-ho:  usc Head Coach Tim Floyd is accused of giving $1000 to Mayo on Rodeo

O.J. Mayo’s local fans may pronounce it “ROE-dio,” but Mayo knew exactly what Ro-DAY-o Drive is all about, and that’s BIG, BIG dollars (not cattle-roping).  And according to Mayo-insider Louis Johnson, big money is exactly what Mayo received when he last sent his homies Johnson and Rodney Guillory to the Country’s ritziest city.

Allegedly, Floyd personally came to Beverly Hills and presented to Guillory an envelope with $1000 cash earmarked specifically as Vegas spending money for O.J. Mayo, who had just recently committed to the trojans.

Beverly Hills Chi — Wow!  Wow!!!

Are you skeptical?  Why would Floyd do his own dirty work, you ask?  Because he doesn’t TRUST anyone else, that’s why.  Why bring in another conspirator to the crime?  It’s not always that easy to eliminate witnesses.

And as much as Floyd would like to say “See ya later, allegator,” Johnson may not go away that easily.  Even though he has a shady, unsavory past, he has already been SUPPORTED in his previous allegations, apparently, by receipts and possibly phone records as well.

Johnson says that he is just trying to come clean, and that he is NOT trying to “take down” an entire University.  But that’s exactly what his accusations could do.  I mean, how could usc possibly claim that they didn’t know about this one?  Floyd IS usc!!!  They can’t blame a booster or agent for this one.  This payment wasn’t gold — it was cardinal & gold.

Johnson has already reported this incident to the NCAA, FBI, and IRS.  Does it sound like he’s just making it all up for publicity?  Sounds a little more serious than that to me.  The only question is, how the Hell did Renardo Sidney find out about this before everyone else did?  At least that’s what people are suggesting, based on Sidney’s sudden bailout on his commitment to Floyd and sc.

Bet Floyd wishes he took that Arizona job NOW, although they probably would have fired him too, after hearing the latest news. 

It would be a miracle if Floyd is still Coaching the trojans come next season — Mike Garrett probably already has all the scapegoat strategies all lined up.  Hey — maybe Michael Cooper can coach the Women’s AND Men’s teams.  That’s right — “The Stupe” can replace “The Dupe” with “The Coop.”   


2 responses to “The SCums of Beverly Hills”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Actually, I heard that SC backed off on Sidney, and not vice-versa, ironically, because Sidney has been linked to/suspected of having taken money himself! And Floyd’ll be damned if he’s gonna have anything to do with a player who’s taken money–uh, from someone ELSE… Incredible.

    But, why would sc fire him? For not using a middle man? Or for muscling in on the boosters’ territory? Surely not for cheating–the only thing that gets a trojan coach is TENURE. At least, it works that way in FOOTBALL…

    Can’t wait to see how Garrett squirms out of this one!

    [T-H’s Note: You “HEARD?” Well, please, tell us all about your reliable inside source. Yeah, we all “heard” that, but apparently you’re the only one around here who still believes it.]

  2. Rick Avatar

    I can do without the unwarranted sarcasm–the LA Times obviously “HEARD” it too, and the only other two
    reasons for sc to give up on him are even less believeable (1) That they thought his ego/character would interfere with their “chemistry” or (2) That they feared he (ALREADY) knew something about them that they couldn’t talk/bribe him out of worrying about…

    [T-H’s Note: If you don’t like the sarcasm, then don’t write in. When someone blindly contradicts me without evidence, they are going to meet with sarcasm. The L.A. (trojan-)Times article was pure speculation. Did you notice that they had NO source for their claims? You may have to adjust your approach — This is NOT a public forum; This is my web site. You shouldn’t try to tell people how to respond on their own sites.]