Desert Sin — Sheldon Price returns but fails to help the horrendous UCLA Defense, who deserts Neuheisel in the Desert by giving up 42 First Half points in 48-12 suckfest; The Offense isn’t much better, losing two fumbles and scoring only 1 TD against one of the Nation’s worst units, plus, the Bruins get into fistfights with the ‘Cats, and have a player ejected, all of which leads to calls for the Head Coach’s immediate dismissal

On Thursday night live on ESPN, a National Television audience got to see the total meltdown that will ultimately lead to Rick Neuheisel getting fired… maybe at the end of the season, or maybe today.  Not only did the Bruins get destroyed 48-12 by the (formerly) 1-5 Wildcats, but they also completely lost their composure, and got involved in a wild, bench-clearing brawl right before halftime, which resulted in the ejection of Wide Receiver Taylor Embree.

The whole night was such an embarrassment to the University, that it would not surprise anyone if Head Coach Rick Neuheisel wakes up unemployed on Friday morning.  The Bruin Defense was the main culprit.  Cornerback Sheldon Price returned from injury to get picked apart mercilessly on the first Arizona drive, which ended in a Touchdown, just like the next 5 Arizona drives did — in the First Half.

Everyone knows that Arizona has a Top-Three-in-the-Nation Passing attack, but the Wildcats also RAN all over the Bruins.  UCLA couldn’t tackle the Arizona ballcarriers, who shredded the D like it was a flag football game.  And when QB Nick Foles did decide to pass, the D-Backs were either nowhere near the Receivers, too close to the Receivers (P.I.), or in good position but not looking for the ball, as the passes were hauled in for huge completions.  Like I said:  It was so bad, that it was downright embarrassing.  The Defensive Coordinator should return his salary.  The only player to make good plays was Andrew Abbott — the guy who gimpy Price was supposed to be replacing — who grabbed a nifty Interception and delivered a jarring hit.  Just about the only other big hit by a Bruin came when Taylor Embree laid a vicious block on a would-be tackler.  But that wasn’t Embree’s most memorable hit of the night — He also threw a punch that might define (the end of) his career.

The Offense was able to move the ball, but lost two fumbles, committed too many penalties, and dropped too many passes, including two in a row by Nelson Rosario.  QB Kevin Prince threw for a lot of yards — 286 actually.  He also missed a few open targets, but he was FAR from the goat of this game.  There was never any reason to switch QB’s, because it would not have effected the outcome of the game in the least.

The only moment of this game worth watching was with 4 seconds left in the First Half, when a FAN DRESSED AS A REFEREE ran onto to field blowing a whistle, stopping play.  He tried unsuccessfully to get another ref to give him the ball, then ran off the field as he shedded his costume.  It was shocking and hilarious all at once.  And while this surreal scenario was unfolding, the Bruins and Wildcats got into a melee, with punches thrown and chaos erupting all over the field.  Taylor Embree had to be restrained by teammates, and he was ejected.  So was Wildcat DB Shaquille Richardson, the scumbag who tried to attend UCLA before getting thrown off the team for allegedly stealing a laptop on campus.  Embree might face further sanctions for his actions, and more importantly, Neuheisel may face further ramifications for LOSING his team… IF he doesn’t just RESIGN tomorrow morning before he can get fired.  YES… IT WAS THAT BAD.


6 responses to “THE PRICE OF FAILURE”

  1. JC Avatar

    Anyone care to debate that Neuheisel is a worse coach that Lavin? Different sports, I know, but there are many similar coaching traits that can be compared (does team improve during the year, how coach reacts under pressure, etc.)

  2. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    I have been watching/following Bruin football for over forty years; last night was the worst. We’ve hit rock bottom. We should always be a top 25 team. Even the photos couldn’t cheer me up (well,ok, maybe a little).

  3. Bruce Avatar

    Defense not to blame. The Az offense s really good. Blame the offense because the Az defense is horrible. The Bruins should have lit them up … But CRN has nt recruited a legit QB

  4. dswenson Avatar

    The pistol offense needs a QB that can run and throw and always be a threat, at this time, we don’t have one that can do that unless it is Hundley. Once you get behind, the pistol offense is a hard one to play catch up with. I think the pistol needs to go. The fumbles and dropped easy passes are unbelievable and you can’t blame the coaches for that.

  5. Stacy Avatar

    Why does DB Shaquille Richardson have to be a scumbag. And if I recall, he did attend UCLA. You don’t know him.

    [T-H’s Note: You’re right, I don’t know him. He might be an outstanding citizen who got kicked off the team for stealing another student’s property in his first quarter on campus, and who got in a fistfight in a game against his former school. This isn’t a court of law, and I’m not giving legal testimony on his character; It’s a BLOG, where it’s common to make a logical assumption based on known facts. Do you know him? Are you saying that he is just a victim of circumstance? If you have first-hand knowledge of what a great human being he is, go ahead and use it, to refute my assumption with evidence to the contrary. If you can prove it, I will print it.]

  6. Ken Avatar

    It’s such a same that UCLA had to stoop (no pun intended to the former UA coach) to the level of U$Cum on the football field. The Bruins are better than that.