Fallout Boy:  (St)Oops!  It wasn’t supposed to be an IMplosion!

Carroll could’ve used Bomb he detonated last week, as Mike Stoops beats troy stupes 21-17, thanks to late Arizona Bomb and subsequent sc Duds

Looks like Pete Carroll’s explosive eruption was a little premature.

On Saturday, Pom Pom, Matt Barkley, and the trojans all found out that it’s a little tougher to connect on a deep pass when it doesn’t come as part of a bush league surprise attack.  With usc trailing 21-17 and just a few minutes left in the game, Barkley needed a long strike to keep the trojans from plummetting even further below their lofty preseason expectations.  But the Freshman QB apparently does NOT have what it takes to come through in the clutch.

Stunningly, Arizona allowed an sc Receiver to get behind the secondary, and he was wide open for what should have been the game-winning toss, but Barkley threw it over the wrong shoulder, badly missing his target.  On that season-defining “drive,” Barkley got sacked, and then threw 3 Incompletions.

Stunningly again, Arizona was unable to run out the clock, and gave the ball BACK to sc with 3 seconds left.  Why the Wildcat QB didn’t just run down the field and take a Safety is a mystery, and almost cost Stoops the game, but as time expired, Barkley couldn’t get rid of the ball — despite having good protection — and he got sacked, to end the worst regular season in recent sc memory.

It’s like Larry Smith and Paul Hackett had a Love Child named Pete.  The trojans went from being Nationally Ranked at #4, to going 5-4 in the Pac-10, and being completely UN-ranked.  That HAS to be — quantifiably — the worst disappointment in Pac-10 History.

Apparently, it was reported by usc’s announcers that a lot of the trojans –celebrating Senior Day in their last Coliseum performance — left the field without shaking hands with the victorious Wildcats.  Not even so much as a “What’s Your Deal?”

How long until we see a “Fire Pete Carroll” website?  Ever since the NCAA started investigating just how Carroll was luring more than his share of High School stars to a cesspool campus, not to mention the Ting Steroid connection, the talent level has dropped, and this season, without the crutches of good Coordinators, Carroll has reverted back to his old NFL form, which is, losing way too much to hold onto a job.

In September, who would have thought that Rick Neuheisel’s Bruins would do a better job of performing up to expectations than would Carroll’s trojans?  Now, Rick should really be able to sell potential recruits on the fact that they could easily be the ones to COMPLETE a changing of the guard in L.A.  And since Rick could sell condoms to Eunuchs, selling L.A.’s only team on the rise should be a piece of cake.  Things could really be about to blow up.



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  1. UCLADal Avatar

    One of your best pics ever T-H. LMAO!!! I don’t know how you come up with this stuff but please, DON’T STOP!

    Looking forward to having the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorn football nations out California way in a month. Congrats to both programs!

  2. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    As much as I like to see sc lose, it would have been entertaining to see them try to score against Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. I would rather have seen sc make the Holiday bowl and be shut out by Nebraska than have sc win a lower bowl. Nebraska’s defense has been awesome all year long, not just against UT, so a shut out could very well have happened. Now if sc can lose in the nothing bowl they’ll be in…..

    Speaking of nothing bowls, I would really like to see UCLA go to the GMAC bowl. This would be the best result for them, since they won’t make a BCS bowl. Why is it the best result? Although it may not pay as much as other non-BCS bowls, it’s played on January 6th, which means UCLA get the most post-season practice possible – 4 weeks. And all I ever hear about concerning bowls is that you get extra practice – something the young Bruins need.

    However, at this point, they are projected to go to the pizza bowl. What’s next – the cacciatore bowl?

    Anybody want to give me Kansas – 10.5 today?

  3. Jake Avatar

    Stoops’ time management at the end of the game was atrocious. I don’t think they should have run and got the safety, but I do think that with decent protection from the offensive line, the QB or RB could have ran back down the field long enough to waste three seconds. Even before that, with the knee-taking and time outs, I didn’t think Stoops was wasting as much time as he could have.

  4. Andrew Avatar

    I doubt it. USC has too much young talent right now for the program to completely implode. The only concern is finding the right coaching staff to instill the proper motivation into these players so they don’t waste the potential they have. Yeah UCLA is on the rise, which is great for the Pac-10, but I don’t think they’ll steal enough recruits to completely turn things around in Los Angeles. Especially with Sarkisian at UW and his recruiting abilities, what Harbaugh is doing at Stanford, and USC still being USC. I think SC will get stronger these next couple seasons.

  5. kacey Avatar

    Pac10 is getting stronger, end result is SC is no longer the monopoly in LA nor west coast. Coach was up in NorCal this weekend at DLS/MV game. Getting recruits across the pacific coast is the key to beating SC. The teams need to not only beat rivals but beat other result of pac10 to win championship. Oregon won it all this year and will represent well in the Rose Bow.

    I was fortunate to attend UCLA when Coach played and saw Bruins in 3 or 4 Rose Bowls in the 80s!

    Bruins are improving each year. They will have a good chance in the next year or two to return to glory!

    SC is going down and Bruins climbing up!

  6. Ucla1 Avatar

    I think u have a great website but please stop taking so many creepy pics of the spirit squad. You come across as a stalker. I love the spirit squad as much as the next person but no one should dwell on them. Instead u should focus on finding a woman your own age not half it

    [T-H’s Note: Okay, I’ll explain it to you. I am not a stalker. For one thing, my Wife is standing by my side while I take every one of these photographs. Furthermore, I have the blessing of the Executive Director of the Spirit Squad to take and exhibit these photos. Some of the girls — and their fathers — read this site, and I get nothing but POSITIVE feedback from them. On the rare occassion where I post a photo that they don’t like, I remove it if they so desire. In addition, I am not hiding or sneaking around to get these photos with some sort of Professional zoom lens — Rather, I am sitting right in front of the performance, where everyone knows I’m there. And not only that, but when the girls all see me, they know exactly who I am. I even gave a presentation to the whole squad — ABOUT stalkers, for one topic — at their Cheerleader Boot Camp.

    There are two main reasons why I will continue to share these photos: #1 – They exhibit the BEST of UCLA. These girls are gorgeous, talented, and Internationally respected. And right now, it happens to be a great way to show UCLA’s vast superiority over usc; And #2 – The photos bring thousands and thousands of people to this site, so that I can enlighten them about all the evils of the Dark Side. The more people — and more incoming recruits — who learn what a joke it is over there, the better, and as long as the girls enjoy the exposure and compliments, it’s all good.

    Now that you know all of this, does it change your opinion at all? And when you say creepy, are you talking about the solo close-ups of their faces, or the shots that are cropped just to AVOID being creepy?

    Looking forward to your response (and to the responses of the readers who would freak out if I stopped sharing these photos)]

  7. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    All the USC fans keep saying the same thing…’we have a young team, we’re going to be stronger next year..blah blah blah…”. Guess what? UCLA is even younger, than USC and so is just about every other Pac-10 team. How many Freshmen QBs are there in the Pac-10? something like four? 2 sophomores, and Masoli a Junior? the dominance of USC in the Pac-10 is a thing of the past, get over yoiurselves trojan fans…the condoms’ factory equipment is outdated, the competition has caught up…you’re DONE!

  8. tswenson Avatar

    Any comments on Pom Pom’s alleged living in Malibu with a grad. student via Weis from Notre Dame?

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, there’s something in the “Navy Seal” article, but not too much, since the whole thing COULD be fabricated.]

  9. JP Avatar

    The UCLA Spirit Squad is fantastic. They do a great job and bring great publicity to the school. Anything that represents them in all their spirit and glory gives them good exposure. Geeze, some people need to lighten up. There are other websites out there who exploit cheer and dance squads, and this is def. not one of them.

  10. Chelsey's Dad Avatar
    Chelsey’s Dad

    Keep up the good taste on the spirit squad shots, I personally know that parents, friends, fellow students and the spirit squad themselves appreciate your good work. It is pretty cool to be recognized for your great performance. There is enough room on your website for all of the UCLA activities. I doubt “creepy” has the ****** to make a comment like that in the presence of the team or the students. Chelsey (spirit squad 04-07)’s dad THP Chelsey’s doing great and I’m still reading your outstanding work. RR

    [T-H’s Note: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Not only do I try to be respectful here, but today I also helped get a disrepectful shot taken down off another web site.]