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Lisa, unleashed.

A little Lisa late is better than never — Congratulation to UCLA Dance Teamer Lisa,’s recent Cheerleader of the Week

When you’re working over 80 hours a week, sometimes you don’t have time to recognize some big events.  Such is the case with the most recent National honor bestowed on one of our beloved Bruins.

LAST week, the Bruins’ Lisa was named Sports Illustrated’s National Cheerleader of the Week.  Lisa is the third member of the current Dance Team to snag the Award — Brianna and Elise were both honored previously in the last year.  Lucky for SI, all three were in attendance for a photo shoot at the beach in Santa Monica.  If only swimwear were involved — and it’s not like SI has never published a photo of a girl in a swimsuit.

But Mollie probably nixed that idea, leaving the less-G-rated spreads to the girls across town at Dong Bong U.  But that’s okay — the SI shots are still pretty nice, and it might have taken a while, but finally, here are are few more Lisa shots to complement the SI collection.


As for what’s going on for 80+ hours a week — Please watch the new version of “90210,” which begins in September.  If it’s not something you would like, then TELL YOUR KIDS to watch it.  If enough people tune in, then maybe all the work will be worth it.

Now here are 5 pics of Lisa, from the “Beverly Hills” of Dance Teams.

You can’t spell “Sports Illustrated” without “L-I-S-A.”

The Gleaming Tower of Lisa.

If you ever had Lisa, would you ever release her?

There couldn’t be a completely thigh-less cheerleader pictorial here.

…and this is Lisa saying bye-bye…with a little help from her friends.


"THE LISA MY WORRIES" was published on August 24th, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

Comments on "THE LISA MY WORRIES": 4 Comments

  1. JP wrote,

    Good for Lisa. This has been a long break from seeing the Dance Team. Any news or updates on the Dance Team, T-H? Are they getting new uniforms for football this year?

  2. Steven wrote,

    you’re beautiful!!

  3. Dane wrote,

    she is beautifull and she is a hard working dancerfor her team, UCLA

  4. I love Lisa wrote,

    Lisa is pure hot!

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