Another trojan admits that U$C pays its players (“USC, they breakin’ bread!”),  but then insists he was just joking (“Dough!”)

U$C Running Back Marc Tyler finally came clean this week (just like Lonnie White did last month), by telling TMZ that he gets lots of cash to play for the trojans.  He said that he gets more money from U$C than he would be getting if he were in the Pro’s.  Tyler appeared intoxicated during the interview, as he spewed bizarre comments right into the TMZ camera lens.  Not only did Tyler say that he was getting paid by sc, but he also said that he and all his teammates are screwing Kim Kardashian types, because USC stands for University of Sexual Balling.  Apparently, he thinks he’s attending USB, which makes sense, since he’s talking about electric connections.

Because of his moronic comments, Tyler has been suspended by U$C for the first game of the upcoming year.  Either they have no sense of humor and can’t take a joke, or they think he wasn’t joking.  Or perhaps the joke just hit A LITTLE TO CLOSE TO HOME! I guess a trojan should know better than to tell the truth.  What Tyler didn’t know better than was to not spit at a girl, and to not sexually assault another one.  Of course, usc didn’t discipline him for those two heinous acts, but he jokes about the trojans’ dark, dirty “secret,” and they go ballistic.

How about AA?  This guy obviously has a drinking problem, as the incidents with the girls also were allegedly alcohol-induced.  How about kicking him off the team for being a total scumbag?  Nah, just sit him for a week against a crappy team, and then get him back in the line-up for the games that matter.  He’ll probably even get the same amount of “bread” from his trojan benefactors while he’s banned.  How else will he be able to support his drinking habit?

At least his drinking relaxed his inhibitions enough for the whole world to hear the truth about the pay-for-play system installed at usc.  Was it really just a joke?  Maybe, but it’s one of those jokes that’s only funny because it’s true.


3 responses to “THE JOKING GUN”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Actually I hope Marc keeps hittin’ the sauce. He’s entertaining when he’s had a few. fight on Marc!

  2. Beban2Altenberg Avatar

    Sc is dirty…next thing you’ll be telling me there is gambling at Rick’s.

  3. Rick Avatar

    I am shocked, SHOCKED…