Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around!

The Waiting is almost over, if you Need to Know, so don’t have a Breakdown;  Here comes Free Fall(in’) practice, where the Bruins will be Learning to Fly and Runnin’ Down a Dream — Time for UCLA fans to put aside their Petty disputes

When the NFL is back on Network Primetime, Even the Losers know that something good is coming.  Damn the Torpedoes!

Last night the Washington Redskins beat the Indianapolis Colts in the Hall of Fame Game, the first Preseason Football game of 2008.  For many guys — and all their rowdy friends — this event signifies a major turning point on the Calendar:  It is now Football Season.

This is the first year in a long time where Bruin fans aren’t split into two groups with polemic views on HOW to be a Bruin fan.  With Fall Practice starting on Tuesday, it would be nice for everyone to be on the same page.  And with this season’s lower expectations, there should be relative harmony on the Bruin message boards, even if the Season doesn’t progress too well.  Then again, the POLITICAL divide, especially in an election year, tends to trickle over to the arena of Sports, so the personal rivalries will still thrive.  Too bad.  It’s too bad that all hostility can’t be turned outward, toward trojans, AND, it’s too bad that there are actually Bruins who enjoy the “Who would Jesus invade?” (WWJI?) Plan of Strategy (P.O.S.).

But in a World where the first photos of the Brangelina Twins just fetched $14 Million, anything is possible.  “I don’t want another Refugee.”

But if you couldn’t give a damn torpedo over the TMZ crowd, and prefer the UCLA Spirit Brand of Entertainment, then You Got Lucky.  Too bad Brianna’s pretend-stalker Don’t Come Around Here No More.  He must miss his American Girl, but last time he was heard from, he was sayin’ “Don’t Do Me Like That.”

And now, from Century City to Ventura Boulevard in Reseda…the Heartbreakers: 

“Here Comes My Girl”  (Just a song title, not a personal declaration)

Into the Great Wide Open - The sky is the limit.

THE BEST… No Shadow of a Doubt.

“Honey put on that party dress.”

“Talk on the street says you might go SOLO.”

“I’m not afraid of you running away, honey, I get the feeling you won’t.”

“Something inside you is feeling like I do;  We’ve said all there is to say…”

“My sister got lucky, married a yuppie.  Took him for all he was worth.  Now he’s a swinger, dating a singer.  I can’t decide which is worse.”

“Who knows maybe you were kidnapped, tied up, taken away and held for ransom.”

“Trees flew by, me and Del were singin’ ‘Little Runaway.’  I was flying.”

“There’s something good, waitin’ down this road.  I’m pickin’ up, whatever’s mine.”


10 responses to “THE HARDEST PART”

  1. J Avatar

    Nice musical tribute! Nice photo collection too. Thanks.

  2. bruce wagner Avatar
    bruce wagner

    Very pretty and lovely girls. When did they enroll at UCLA? Was it before or after they found out that they had failed in their attempt to be SC Song Girls?

    [T-H’s Note: Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!! This has GOT to be the stupidest post of all time. Not only are the Bruin Girls universally considered dramatically superior to the sc Song Girls in looks and talent (not to mention Academics), but now, thanks to all the salacious photos of your Song Girls on the Internet, including one with the fake breasts and the one with the “Dong Bong,” the Song Girls have NOTHING left to be proud of. Bruce, you are a shining example of an out-of-touch, brain-dead trojan. Now please, once and for all: Go away, and share your ridiculous opinion with the myriad trojan fans who have been calling for the complete overhaul of the now-pathetic Song Girl program. No one here cares what you have to say, so I see no point in approving any more of your comments for publication. This one was the last one, and I only let it stay, in order to make a laughingstock out of you.]

  3. Rick Avatar

    [1) Never knew you were such a Petty fan!
    2)’ Zat Stuart Kesner?
    3) Why not post everything that moron writes? Seems like a real live reminder–in the flesh–of “why we hate trojans”…You hardly have to add anything, and it makes your case for you, while strengthening the resolve of your minions!]

  4. ewc Avatar

    Maybe they failed in their attempt to be SUC Song Girls because they hadn’t slept with the minimum 50 drunken frat boys

  5. jp Avatar

    Is that guy for real? Trojans are currently having a meltdown due to the lack of beautiful Song Girls and their tacky actions off the field.

  6. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    Bruce, I was going to give you a piece of my mind, but T-H has done it very eloquently. SUC song-girls . . . OMG, you must be living in the 70’s and 80’s and have not checked out your sidelines lately, go back to your cave, and please stay there this time . . . jeez!

  7. UCLAXTC Avatar

    Apparently Bruce hasn’t read Scott Wolf’s blog, where the majority of Trojan fans over there want our Dance Team to be their Song Girls. There are a few Trojans who posted over there that at the PAC-10 Tourney, the UCLA Dance Team made their Song Girls look bad and they didn’t like that. So Bruce, if you are still reading this, check out Wolf’s blog to get yourself up to speed.

  8. UCLADavid Avatar

    Ha ha! Bruce is funny because he’s a stupid trojan. Bruce reminds us of the blind arrogance of trojans fans, and the fact that even when they try to be clever they end up making NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Bruce reminds me of a very good friend who is my friend in all respects except that he went to usc. He would go on and on and on about good ‘ole S-U-C and his beautiful song girls. Until one day he visited me in Westwood and spent about 15 minutes sitting on Bruin Walk. He turned to me and just said, “Damn.”

    It is good to hate and laugh at trojans. It is every Bruin’s duty to point out the arrogant stupidity of the University of Second Choice, especially when the trojan is as silly as Bruce.

    Woo-hoo! Football season begins! See you all at the Rose Bowl Labor Day Night.

  9. Gibarian Avatar

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  10. kokain76 Avatar

    I recently discovered this blog. I’ve had a similiar idea to your rewriting the ten commandments for some time now.