Charity starts at Home, so, home in on this Charity.

After 3 days of Swimming in Bikini Cheerleader pics from the Traveler U. fundraiser, the “swell” still hasn’t run dry

Luckily, no ex-trojan Football player has been arrested lately, and there is still no new news on Bushgate.  Therefore, we can continue to keep the majority of our venom to ourselves, while we continue to recognize a de facto ceasefire against the enemy — all in order to bring you MORE Poolside close-ups  from the Swim with Mike Charity Event at USC.

There are still tons of dripping-wet photos yet to be shared, but as soon as the next pertinent DUI or Aggravated Sexual Assault comes across the Police Blotter, then it will be back to business as usual.  And you never know when stupidity could strike.  O.J. Mayo tried unsuccessfully to emulate Syracuse’s Carmelo Anthony at USC — hopefully he won’t go out and get a DUI now, like his Role Model Anthony just did.   Of course that would still be a lot better than following in the Bruno Malle footsteps of his namesake.

But before we make a mockery of our own little Geneva Convention, non-aggression stance, let’s get right to the next set of higly-chlorinated photos.“Clique” here to enlarge.

Waiting (to go wading) is the hardest part

The guy in the red shorts looks like he’s ready to donate.

“Wild Things II - The Sequel?”

They are in the Deep End — The “Shallow” End was reserved for overexcited photographers.

Just a reminder, that they don’t need their bikinis to look nice.

It’s 2008.  They can splice genes, but they can’t fix that panel on nylons?

They look more impressive in their 4-point stance than the current Bruin Offensive Line.

What??  No!  I said “SLITS!”  I said that I like those “SLITS.”