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Ex-trojan Eric Wright is arrested on suspicion of FELONY DUI after an injury accident, with bail set at $100,000 (for the second time for him in 8 years).  Wright admitted he was drinking and driving, but refused to submit to a Sobriety Test

Apparently, trojans are not good test takers.  Why else would they be forced to go to such an academic sink hole?  The common perception that U$C Football players never actually take a test gained more traction last week, when former $C Cornerback Eric Wright refused to take a Drunk Driving Test, and couldn’t find a proxy to take it for him.

Wright was driving his Mercedes in Downtown L.A. — his old stomping grounds — when he crashed into the back of a pick-up truck, injuring its driver near the Staples Center.  Because the victim sustained injury, the case becomes a Felony, and Wright had to be arrested.  With the Fire Department and Police on hand, Wright fessed up to having been drinking at a friend’s house shortly before the incident, but when the Cops tried to administer a Field Sobriety Test, Wright said no way.  Didn’t they know that “U$C OWNS THE LAPD?”

So Wright was booked, and thrown in jail, with his Felony bail set at 100 G’s.  Does this sound familiar?  It did to Wright, who, in 2004, was also held in jail on $100K bail.  That time, he was attending $C, and he was arrested on suspicion of RAPE.  Also, at the time of that arrest, Police found 136 Ecstasy pills in his dormroom — obviously an amount that indicated he was DEALING illegal drugs, probably to all of his trojan teammates.

Wright skated on those charges, due to “insufficient evidence.”  Actually, there was plenty of evidence, but Wright rolled on his roommate, fellow ex-trojan Herschel Dennis, I believe, claiming that the pills didn’t belong to him, but must have been the property of Dennis.  As for the alleged Rape victim, who knows?  Just like with Mark Sanchez’ alleged victim, these cases seem to disappear, with rumors of the recanting victims going on lavish shopping sprees right after meeting up with influential trojan $upporter$.  And if the bribes don’t work, THREATS often do, as the case of the Coliseum Commission seems to indicate, when Officials allegedly received death threats when decisions weren’t going $C’s way.

So accordingly, don’t be surprised if Wright gets away with it AGAIN.  Maybe his NFL connections will come into play, with the League wanting to downplay the trouble its member get into.  Or maybe it will be the trojan machine, working its magic once again.  God knows he wouldn’t be the WORST trOJan offender to beat the rap.

"THE BAIL OF WRIGHT’S" was published on July 9th, 2012 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. dswenson wrote,

    Another continuing saga of the “men” of troy! Boy, that school, if you want to call it that, really puts out gems – don’t they? Another “proud” trogan! $c SUCKS!!!!!

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