Love hurts.

When ol’ ‘Dino’s in town but can’t knock any down that’s Amore, aka Kevin Love, who leads UCLA to a 35-point Roast of the San Berdoo Coyotes [insert your own “Coyote Ugly” joke here]

If cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that the coyotes never win.  That life lesson held true Tuesday night in Pauley Pavilion, where the Bruins dismantled the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes, 76-41.

UCLA and star Center Kevin Love did not really flex their muscles for the first 15 minutes of the game.  In fact, the Bruins led only 18-11, before a 18-0 run took them to Intermission up by 25, despite getting only 3 points from Love.

The sad part of that is that Love was WIDE OPEN throughout the 1st Half, but the other Bruins couldn’t get him the ball.  He exhibits mastery beyond his years in using his body and feet to establish position, and then he puts his arm out making a big target.  But without Darren Collison at the Point, the UCLA Guards either didn’t see Love, or felt that they couldn’t make the proper lob/entry pass.  Love was so open, so often, that it was laughable.  Even Lorenzo Mata-Real was getting open down low, but his teammates rarely found him either.  

Coach Ben Howland must have been mad at Halftime about Love’s 3 point effort, because Kevin was much more aggressive in the 2nd Half, and his teammates were feeding him a little more (but still not enough).  Love tallied 16 points after the break.  Anyone who thinks that this guy isn’t the real deal must have a usc education.

Josh Shipp and Russell Westbrook were the other main Offensive contributors, but as usual, it was the Bruin Defense that dominated.  After all, it takes a good D to hold ANY team to only ELEVEN points in the first 20 minutes.

Below are 14 more photos from the game, including both teams’ Cheerleaders, in a downright scary juxtaposition.

Kevin connecting with the Student Section (He is NO prima donna).

The two ends of the spectrum: K-Love and S-Lav.

M-V-P!  M-V-P!  Kevin gets his first trophy as a Bruin.

MJ tongue?

Is the “Flaming Mohawk” a reference to the “Flaming Homer” becoming the “Flaming MOE” on “The Simpsons?”

Love is in the air.

Luc is shocked… that the Coyotes actually made a shot.

A 30-point lead doesn’t mean that Ben doesn’t get animated.

And now, without any further ado…

Only 5 Bruin girls were present, but they had the Spirit of 21.

Some of the most naturally-SWEET expressions you will EVER see.

Shockingly, CSSB had three times as many Cheerleaders as UCLA did.

This is us after two Margaritas at El Coyote.

So, when will you be moving to San Bernardino?  [Tell us that you don’t love UCLA even MORE now]


2 responses to “THAT’S AMORE!”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Yikes! Sometimes you just have to crop the whole Coyote…

    But that was still only the SECOND scariest juxtaposition in the set…nice work

  2. JP Avatar

    LOVE the Bruin Dance Team! So effortlessly gorgeous! I have seen the SC Song Girls (this year especially) and I was underwhelmed…pound per pound, the UCLA Dance girls are way more attractive than the SC Song girls.

    Hate to be so superficial, but seriously, check out the Song Girls…you’d be surprised how unattractive they are up close, especially compared to the UCLA Dance team.