BTO at a million BTU’s

Now that we’re BACH, MAN, we TURNER attention towards fulfulling your requests, in OVERDRIVE (And B-B-B-B-Baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-n-n-nothin’ yet)

The UCLA Basketball team took care of business on Sunday night, when they dispatched the trojans by double-digits;  Marie Callendar’s is trying to take care of business by crushing Papadakis Tavern; And WE are DEFINITELY about to take care of business (and business is good).

Despite most of the team being cold as ice from the field, the Bruins relied on their old fallback – TEAM DEFENSE – to completely shut sc down and snatch the Road Victory.  After the first meeting, the Bruins didn’t expect the second one to be a piece of pie…

But there’s pie in the face of Petros Papadakis and his family, who is APPARENTLY whining in the Press about their Greek Diner getting forced out by the Marie Callendar chain.   Just call it Karma Meringue Pie.  The Papadakis Klan has **allegedly** been breaking recruiting rules for years, supplying free grape leaves and uzo to anyone that might help usc’s Football team suck less than when Petros was on it, especially local High School Recruits.

We weren’t really going to bring this subject up, but over on BruinZone – which Marques Johnson mentioned on the air during the game on Sunday, which means that he has probably seen THIS site too – a couple of so-called Bruin fans are showing sympathy for the SCum Restauranteurs.  Poor ethnic landmark being shoved aside by faceless corporate chains.  Boo-freaking hoo.  We don’t care if they put in a God-forsaken Wal-Mart — Just PAVE OVER PAPADAKIS’ PLACE ASAP.  The “decline” of Mom & Pop Los Angeles is NOT going to be halted by saving one San Pedro cesspool of evil.  And anyone who feels pity for the Family of a shameless piece of trojan garbage needs to turn in their Bruin4Life Card right now.  We are not that crazy about Marie Callendar’s Frozen Dinners, but if they really give it to Petros Greek-style, then we swear that we’ll go out and buy so many pies that they’ll think there’s a Three Stooges Convention in town.

And speaking of numbskulls, this is where we prove that Curley Howard has nothing on us.  We want to take care of business, by fulfilling your requests for photo-spreads of specific students from the Spirit Squad.  However, we are SO BAD with names and faces, that we hesitate to do so.  We already got caught this year, mis-identifying a fan-designated girl.  We were immediately corrected by another fan (someone with what seems like inside knowledge), so we quickly deleted our mistake.  So now, we are trying to give reader “John” his fantasy pictorial, but we can only hope that if we get it wrong, he’ll at least appreciate that we Kara ’nuff to try.   We apologize if “Kara” is not in all these shots — It doesn’t mean that we don’t love her — In PHOTOS, we have already mixed up Chelsey with Whitney, Michelle with Elise, and Brianna with Kristle, none of whom are twins.  But from certain angles, with ever-changing hairstyles, we still get confused.  We just hope that we’re not about to add another Stooge Moment to our long and ever-growing list.   

 Trix are for Kids; Kix aren’t

That’s the most OPEN set of eyes we’ve ever caught on camera (and we love it)

Palling around in Palo Alto

Did someone want to see more pink tee’s?

Seriously, the Best.

Every hairstyle change has us second-guessing ourselves, but regardless, these are great curls.

Entirely different look, but still the same Girl, right?

Speaking of Power Trios, last week, we met a kid named after the Band RUSH!  Good thing his Dad didn’t like Old Dirty Bastard or The Butthole Surfers.

Don’t forget about the pre-game autograph sessions this week.  Maybe YOUR camera’s “Red Eye Reduction” works better than ours does.

Did she know about Neuheisel early?

We wouldn’t be surprised if THIS shot wound up as a few people’s Desktop Wallpaper

Be Kara or be square-a

We LOVE how happy she is immediately following the big victory.

Sometimes it’s like watching a Tony Award-Winning Musical Live on Broadway

That’s it.  Hope you enjoyed the tribute.  Take Care-a!











  1. Rick Avatar

    But professor, I’ve GOT to know–WHO THREW THE PIES?????

  2. Pink Chen Avatar
    Pink Chen

    YES! Kara blows my mind. She’s amazingly beautiful and seems like such a good person. This girl’s going places in life.

  3. JP Avatar

    t-h, yes, that is indeed Kara. With all the effort you and your team put forth in this website, no one should dare give you a hard time mixing names up.

  4. t-h Avatar

    JP —

    As long as you bring it up…

    There is no team. “We” just use the term “we” because it’s a better pronoun for a “Club,” and it tends to deflect some of the personal hate mail and death threats. But there’s only one person writing all of this nonsense, and taking all the photos (except the ones sent in by “bruincivil”). So when you’re talking about effort, keep in mind that it’s all been being done by one (really tired) guy.

    As for mixing up the names: “We” think that it could be seen as a sign of disrespect. If we think that someone is SO beautiful, as we claim, how could we possibly mix her up with another girl? Doesn’t that mean that we don’t even know what the girl looks like? What have we been looking at for all these years, after taking 100’s of 1000’s of photos? Not their faces??!?

    The weird part is that we have made mistakes with the girls who we think are THE most attractive of the entire Squad for the entire 4 years of this web site. We still have gorgeous shots that we THINK are of Chelsey, but, we aren’t sure. You know what made us feel better? When Chelsey’s Dad told us that even HE can’t always tell his daughter apart from a couple of her teammates in some shots.

    Regardless, we still feel bad when we screw up, and we would think that it could really hurt some feelings. We don’t even like that two girls share a first name, so nice comments about one could be hurtful to the other. It’s hard to imagine that someone so luscious could ever be insecure, but it happens, and we’d prefer to NOT make anyone on the Squad feel anything but good.

    By the way, we appreciate the way that you have been setting us straight lately. We have actually come to RELY on you to separate fact from fiction. We figure that you are an “Insider,” who doesn’t want to identify himself (herself?), and we respect that. However, if you’d ever like to share with us – at least in general terms – how you are privy to so much TRUTH, we would love to hear!