The Chancellor won’t be left holding the bag on this one

If you love someone, DON’T set them free: UCLA signs Howland to 7-year contract that will grow to $2 Mil a year

The problem with College Ball is that the Players come and go so quickly. Actually, with Free Agency, the Pro Players don’t stick around a place as long as they used to either. And with all the NBA Attention on top College Coaches, and with all the Media scrutiny on struggling ones, many fans don’t even get to be loyal to a Coach for very long.

But nothing could be further from the truth in Westwood, where Bruin fans are rejoicing at the new contract just signed by Bruin Head Coach Ben Howland. The Man Who Turned the Program Around will be the Bruin Coach for at least 7 years, at a salary of $1.5 Million a year, escalating to $2 Million for the 7th year.

For once: A story that ALL Bruins agree is GOOD NEWS. Although Ben is not making nearly as much as Billy Donovan and a few others, the important thing is that he is HAPPY with the Contract, and has NO desire to leave.

Ben keeps repeating that Coaching UCLA is his Dream Job. That breeds confidence in the idea that he won’t leave for any other SCHOOL. But what about the NBA? Doubtful. Ben is a TEACHER like John Wooden, and is much better suited to working with College Students as opposed to Pro Players.

Howland is a molder of character, and that process takes place prior to entry into the NBA.

With consecutive Final Fours already under his belt, and better and better recruiting classes coming in, Howland could create a Dynasty, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in these parts since 1975, and hasn’t been seen OUTSIDE of these parts, ever.


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 [Below are some shots of the Basketball Bruins at the Washington-UCLA Football Game.  They are posted here solely to help a Bruinzone argument about the guys’ relative heights.  Then there are 2 photos of the old uni’s, also to illustrate a point on Bruinzone.  Following those are two shots that you should disregard — They are posted here just for use as LOGOS in a Fantasy Football League.]






Old uni’s on Gail Day.




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    Thanks for the wonderful pics of the basketball team.