aud16_341bHappy Memorial Day to the UCLA Spirit Squad and all of their supporters

The students who are members of the UCLA Spirit Squad dedicate an extraordinary amount of time and effort, to make their troop the Country’s ELITE.  They invest all their blood, sweat, and tears to perfect their routines, and their looks, and they still ace all their difficult classes, and fulfill their obligations as ambassadors to the world for our beloved University.

And they do all this while simultaneously ENDURING all the overzealous fans, abusive opposing crowds, invasive photographers, and disgusting and vicious internet trolls.  That’s why I really see them all as “troopers” — Not to take anything away from our Country’s men and women in uniform — about whom this holiday is meant to salute.  So THANKS to the military, past, present, and future, for all their service and protection.  To celebrate this holiday let’s admire the beauty and grace of the Bruin Cheerleaders — “soldiers” on a mission of (Bruin) love — with these 56 shots from this year’s try-outs.