…What inglorious feeling, I’m bleeding again — Former trojan football player Brian Baucham is suing U$C and Lane Kiffin  for forcing him to play while concussed and ill, causing bleeding on the brain and other serious harm… and then revoking his scholarship!!!

Just when you thought the reputation of the u$c Clown College couldn’t be stained any darker… along comes Brian Baucham, to enlighten the World about the true trojan mindset.  Talk about “winning at all costs” — this one takes the cake.  Who cares if the player will suffer debilitating cardiopulmonary damage or life-threatening brain damage:  The trojans need pass coverage!  Baucham was a Cornerback on the 2012 team, who had just suffered a concussion, AND was suffering from flu-like symptoms.  But Lane Kiffin didn’t want to lose to the Cal Bears, so he had Baucham pumped full of fluids and forced onto the field.

The fluids weren’t enough to sustain Baucham, who COLLAPSED in the middle of the game, and was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital.  There he was placed in the Intensive Care Unit, and attached to a ventilator so that he could breathe.  Doctors at the hospital diagnosed Baucham with fluid in his lungs, and “A BLEED ON THE BRAIN.”  Of course this diagnosis contradicts the popular theory that trojan footballers HAVE NO BRAINS, but it confirms that the u$c Coaching Staff doesn’t use THEIRS.  When it comes to Football at u$c, the only thing that matters is winning — the health and welfare of the players be damned.  In fact, this is the SECOND lawsuit like this brought against u$c in just 2 years:  In 2012, Armond Armstead sued the trojans for wrongfully injecting him with painkillers, giving him a HEART ATTACK, and destroying his chances at an NFL career.

Could anything be lower than this heinous pattern of behavior taken by the u$c Football machine, and their culture of abusing players with drugs and steroids all in the sake of “competing?”  You better believe there could, and IS:  To add insult to injury — literally — u$c tried to revoke Baucham’s scholarship after the incident.  So… the trojan brain trust destroys this kid’s brain with their institutional insanity, then they refuse to let him continue his (so-called) education at their (so-called) University?  Oh God, please give me Jury Duty the week this case comes to trial!!

Why would ANYONE ever want to play for a school that (according to one recent player) “treats their players like slaves,” pumps them full of drugs, glorifies players who make up stories of heroically saving little children from drowning while really fleeing Police, and who can’t even beat Boston College as 17-point favorites?  Because trojans get (according to another recent player) “paid to play,” get given fancy pimped-out cars, get free houses for their families, and get courted by agents throughout their trojan tenures?  Nahhh, it couldn’t be that.  It must just be the allure of South Central L.A., and the enticing prospect of not having to do any classwork.

Bleed On, for ol’ $C.