Love Me Tender!!!

Get your BBQ between quarters, but be watching the field at Halftime, when the UCLA Spirit Squad will do a “Tribute to Elvis” routine that will knock off your blue suede shoes

For the FIRST TIME EVER, the Bruin Spirit Squad is being given the Grand Stage.

Tonight at the Rose Bowl, while the Bruin and Volunteer players will be in the locker room making halftime adjustments, the UCLA Spirit Squad will be front and center, on the 50-yard line, performing for 70,000 fans and quite possibly, a National ESPN TV audience.

The students have been working non-stop on perfecting the intricate routine, which is a celebration of the music of Elvis Presley.  The King would have been proud of all the time and effort that the students (and their leaders) have been putting in, in order to do justice to the American icon.

Elvis is always a great choice, but the with 20,000 fans from Tennessee in attendance, was there ever even a SECOND choice?  So even though the Dance Team contains no Hound Dogs, and even though “Jailhouse Rock” is the trojans’ theme song, the Bruins will give the Vols what they want, as opposed to making them stay in the proverbial Heartbreak Hotel.

So make sure you are watching the field at halftime… before Elvis has left the building.




  1. Robert Carrillo Avatar
    Robert Carrillo

    The Dance Team look fabulous yesterday, it was refreshing to see their smiles at the Rose Bowl. All the girls looked beatiful, and I’m glad that to Katie’s hand is completely healed. So seeing the cheerleaders finally perform after 9 months at the Rose Bowl and the Bruins winning the game the way they did, it was a great way to end this most memorable weekend. GO KATIE! GO BRUINS