Ex-trojan Matt Barkley has possibly the worst Pro Football debut in history, playing only 3 drives and throwing 4 Interceptions (1 called back on a Defensive penalty);  It appears the thrid-string Philadelphia Eagle QB is still smarting from the hit he took from Anthony Barr that ended his college career.

Once, twice, three times a lady trojan.

With Michael Vick inactive, and second-stringer Nick Foles getting injured at the end of the third quarter, the Eagles were forced to turn to ex-trojan Rookie Matt Barkley, in a tight game at home against the Dallas Cowboys.  They should have just gone with a Wildcat Formation, because Barkley was awful.  His second pass was Intercepted, but an Offsides penalty gave him a reprieve.  Moments later he threw another one, and this one wasn’t overturned.  On the next drive, he threw another one, and on the next drive, he threw yet another one, this time, in the end zone.  The Eagles lost, 17-3.

Ironically, the Defense that befuddled him was designed and managed by Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin, the former Assistant Coach at u$c while Barkley was an upperclassman.  It was Kiffin’s horrible Defense at SC that helped ruin Barkley’s Senior year.  Because of their horrible season, Barkley dropped like a rock in the Draft, and he ended up third string on the Eagles.

After his dismal performance, the Eagles probably realize that they’ve got another Matt Leinart on their hands, and should be looking for alternatives on the Waiver Wire.

Barkley wasn’t the only trojan to suffer on Sunday — Ex-trojan Jack Del Rio is the Defensive Coordinator for the Broncos, and his D got torched by Indy and Andrew Luck, in a 39-33 loss.  Del Rio is considered a front-runner to be the next trojan Head Coach.  The other leading candidate is ex-trojan Jeff Fisher, Head Coach of the Rams, who got beat on Sunday by lowly Carolina, 30-15, to fall to 3-4 on the season.  Reggie Bush failed to produce on Sunday also, as his Lions lost at home in OT to Cincinnati, to fall to 4-3.  Maybe all these ex-trojans were depressed after their school choked against Notre Dame on Saturday, where QB’s from both teams looked almost as bad as Barkley did on Sunday.

At least Barkley can console himself:  For him, there is nowhere to go but up… or to the Arena Football League after getting cut.