More proof that trojans wish they were Bruins:  u$c Cornerback Isaiah Langley gets suspended for 1 game for getting arrested at a UCLA frat party, for suspicion of intoxication, resisting arrest, and trespassing — for refusing to leave!

UCLA is the most applied-to school in the World.  It’s hard to get in, and thousands of people get turned away every year.  And of those thousands, lots of them end up SETTLING for u$c, but wishing they could have been Bruins.  And never before has there been such a perfect illustration of that fact:  This May, a player from the trojan football team named Isaiah Langley got busted — at a UCLA Fraternity party — because he couldn’t stand leaving the beautiful Westwood environment.  Too bad there’s not an audio tape of the arrest, where we might have heard him begging the cops:  “Please don’t send me back to South Central!”

Langley was arrested at the party, for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Apparently, he gave the arresting officers a false age, then resisted arrest, and refused to leave the party (hence, the Trespassing charge).  Sounds like just another arrogant, entitled trojan who thinks the laws don’t apply to him, and that sc owns the Police.

Langley has now been suspended for only ONE GAME, for “violating team rules.” Unfortunately for him and sc, that one game is against reigning National Champions Alabama, in a nationally televised game from Arlington, Texas.  You may be thinking that it is unlike sc to suspend a player for an important game.  But remember that Langley was not a starter last year, and that sc’s slim chance of pulling off an upset would not be greatly enhanced by Langley’s participation.

And as usual, a trOJan who has “allegedly” broken the law will get away scot free.  Instead of getting the criminal record he reportedly deserves, Langley will be enrolled in a “Neighborhood (IN)Justice Program.”  Just like former trojan Nelson Agholor, who was accused of Sexual Assault, but will NOT be prosecuted due to the proverbial “lack of evidence.”  u$c has always had a MACHINE that perverts the justice system, but Agholor is in the NFL now, and that League’s machine puts sc’s to shame.  So Nelson was never really in jeopardy of facing any justice, especially considering that strippers aren’t respected as witnesses.  But keep watching — A trojan never changes his stripes, so maybe when a pattern of abuse becomes apparent, or when they steal some memorabilia at gunpoint, Langley and Agholor will be held accountable.