No pity for Pitino:  Louisville coach and “Father” of 5 admits cheating on his wife, with the woman who tried to extort him for $10 Million

I (don’t) pity the fool.

Another story about a college coach who is cheating, but it’s NOT about Pete Carroll or Tim Floyd?  Yeah, but that’s because this cheating was perpetrated against an innocent woman (and 5 children), and NOT against NCAA rules.  Of course, if a coach has that LITTLE INTEGRITY, he would probably cheat at anything, including Church Bingo.

So now we know:  Pom Pom and Timmy aren’t the only coaches out there who break rules, or vows, or the hearts of their loved ones.  Rick Pitino came “clean” yesterday, telling the World that he indeed HAD DRUNKEN SEX with some chick at a Restaurant, got her pregnant, and paid $3000 for the abortion… all while his Wife and 5 children were probably watching reruns of Pitino’s latest Final Four run.

The woman with whom Pitino fornicated (“Piti Sex”) tried to get more than just $3000.  She tried for a car, $3000 a month, and finally, a lump sum of $10 Million.  Then she got busted for Extortion, so she cried Rape.  Pitino’s assistant is the Ear-witness who said that it sounded consensual, but there is no physical evidence to back up the Rape claim.  Also, she didn’t mention Rape until after she was charged with Extortion — Not a good sign for the girl.

So I’m not calling him Rick the Rapist, just Rick the Prick.  It must have been fun expaining to his 5 kids why he got drunk in a restaurant, and cheated on their Mother, IN THE restaurant, with his assistant and God knows who else, LISTENING to the whole thing.

Could you imagine John Wooden cheating on Nellie?  I can’t even imagine Ben Howland traveling down that road.  But a slimy guy like Pitino?  I would be surprised if this were an isolated incident for him.  Maybe there are even some recruits out there who are put off by Pitino’s sheer lack of class.  But probably not, since they all forgave Kobe for doing something similar.  By the way, I don’t consider Kobe as bad of an offender as Pitino, due to a double-standard that I accept:  The NBA culture for three decades has included players experimenting while on the road.  And Kobe wasn’t as “mature” as Pitino, and he doesn’t have 5 kids that will be scarred by the public and sordid affair.  Kobe also doesn’t have the responsibility of recruiting for his team, or not sullying his reputation as a leader and molder of young student-athletes.  That doesn’t mean that I condone Kobe’s cheating and $4 Million Diamond Ring buyout — I am just not as offended by it as I am by Pitino’s adventures.

So, no sympathy for Pitino, and if I were the NCAA, I’d be focusing a little harder on things that Pitino does, since he obviously has a sleazy side, and no respect for the rules… of Basketball, or of Life.

Okay.  I’m done ranting.  Now it’s off to a strip club for a series of lap dances, before going home to the wife.