Matt “See-you-Later” Slater does it again, driving the fans into a frenzy!

Hellacious Kickoff Return TD resurrects Bruins, but Devils suck out UCLA’s soul with tough 24-20 win

How mad can you be when your Scout Team comes within a whisker of beating the #9 team in the Country?

New QB Osaar Rasshan gave his all, but even his VinceYoung-like scrambling ability couldn’t get the Bruins’ Offense in gear.  The Bruin Defense kept them close, until ASU’s Keegan Herring busted out for a 71-yard TD run to make it 24-13 Sun Devils in the 3rd Quarter.  At that point, a few fans were booing, and many had thrown in the towel on the season, right there.  But on the ensuing Kickoff, Matthew Slater found a seam up the middle, broke a tackle, and outran everyone for 87 yards, for his THIRD K.O. Return TD of the Year, AN ALL-TIME UCLA RECORD (Maurice Jones-Drew had 2).  Even more remarkable, it is the first one allowed by ASU in 135 games. 

The Bruin D shut out Rudy Carpenter and the Devils the rest of the way, but Rasshan couldn’t get the Bruins into the end zone.  So the Bruins’ Dreams of Roses are gone.  They have very little to play for, but they are facing a Top 5 team (Oregon), and usc, so motivation shouldn’t be a problem.

And ANYONE who knows this site should understand:  As far as we are concerned, this season can ABSOLUTELY still be salvaged… with ONE victory at the Mausoleum next month.

Below are 24 photos with mouse-over captions from Saturday’s game, ending with 8 Cheerleader photos that ought to take your mind off the pain, especially when you click on them to ENLARGE them.  And by the way, they make GREAT Desktop Wallpaper  — Show your co-workers that you haven’t stopped bleeding blue & gold.

Here’s the Game Highlight, in all its uncropped beauty.

The Bruins had Big Mo after this TD, but never scored again.

Osaar showed some dazzle, but wasn’t quite as elusive as he was in scrimmage.

If Osaar had misdirection plays, and an Offense designed around his talents, he would be a force.

One of his best plays — avoiding the rush and hitting Snead.

This was the OTHER huge Return — Austin took this Punt to the ONE.

“The Sheppard is My Lord, I shall not want.”  (Sheppard’s 1st Career TD)

Never play Football against a guy named “Rudy.”

This is what it looks like when Kevin Brown is bearing down.

… and this is what it looks like when THREE guys are beaing down on you.

The Bruins, like Reggie Carter here, got WAY more pressure on the QB than usual.

Bruce Davis was in Carpenter’s mind, as was Carpenter’s bad thumb.

“Contorting with the Devils”  OR “Pickled Herring.”

Van, Verner, Keyes, and especially Horton delivered some hard blows.

Keyes joins the gang…tackle.

We NEVER regret attending — even when we lose the game.

Seven has always been our lucky number.

We come to you on bended knee…

May the Four(ce) be with you.

The Alumni Band was playing “Satin Doll.”

Those flowing locks look great, like in a slo-mo Pantene ad, dontcha think?

There’s no shame… losing to a Top 10 team by 4 points.

I wonder if ASU has a “Mollie.”  I guess I’ll find out soon.