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Don’t cue the travelling music yet.

Wake up, wake up!  You’re having a dream — Karl’s not packing his bags just yet.

It’s not fair to blame a guy for an epidemic of injuries… however…

The problem is APPEARANCES.  If the whole Country thinks that Karl Dorrell is about to be fired, then Karl’s hottest Recruits might be thinking that too.  So now, even though he should not be held responsible for ALL that has gone wrong, he might have to be sacrificed anyway.

Birmingham High’s Milton Knox, possibly the next Maurice Jones-Drew, is supposed to come to UCLA next year, but he says that if he thinks that the Staff might get fired, he might go to Florida instead.  The fact that he said this to the Press is not good for Recruiting in general, and if it is a trend, then a change will have to be made.  It may be out of KD’s control, but the National reputation of the team is suffering.  The general public does not understand the severity of the injury situation.  But perception trumps reality in this case, so, with the L.A. Times’ Bill Plaschke writing as if Karl is already toast, it might be in UCLA’s best interest to just get it over with.  Hopefully, a WELL-KNOWN replacement will be able to talk Knox and all the others into staying.

Of course, Dorrell could still make all this moot — By beating a BCS Championship-bound Oregon, then beating BCS #11 usc, and then by finshing off the season on a positive note, with a Bowl win.  If he is able to pull that off, he may have to unpack afterall.

By the way, MORE PHOTOS from the ASU Game and Pre-game RALLY are coming soon…

"SITE FOR SORE EYES" was published on November 12th, 2007 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. RubenC wrote,

    What a heart breaker! UCLA has been playing to the level of their opponent in recent games despite injuries, and this could have easily gone the other way in favor of the bruins if a few “coaching” decisions were not so conservative.

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