Chalk a lot (up to) Shipp, Cookie.

Shipp ignites Bruin blowout with second straight career-high

Josh Shipp is peaking at a time when the UCLA Bruins just might need him the most.  For the first time in Josh’s 4-year career as a Bruin, UCLA did not win the Pac-10.  This year, the Bruins enter the Pac-10 Tourney as the 2nd place team, behind the Washington Huskies.  Washington beat the Washington State Cougars on Saturday, in order to avoid having to share the Title with UCLA.

This year’s Bruins need to be firing on all cylinders in order to live up to the reputation set by the last three years’ squads, and right now, the Shipp cylinder is firing strong.  On Thursday night against Oregon State, Shipp set a career-high in Scoring, with 27 points, but the record was short-lived, as he celebrated Senior Day on Saturday, by scoring 28 against Oregon.

Oregon could get a chance to avenge Saturday’s 94-68 beatdown, because on Wednesday, they play Washington State for the chance to face the Bruins, again, on Thursday night in the Pac-10 Tournament.  No one on UCLA will likely admit it, but they will be pulling for Oregon.  WSU and Taylor Rochestie are a much tougher match-up for UCLA than are the Ducks.

Oregon actually held their own with the Bruins on Saturday, for about 17 minutes.  They led for most of the first half, until the Bruin Defense tightened up, allowing the Bruins to ride a 12-point swing to a 7-point lead at halftime.

After the break, the Ducks came within 4,  but then the Bruins built a comfortable lead that they held for the rest of the game.  If the Ducks somehow manage to get by the Cougars, the Bruins’ biggest problem on Thursday night would be complacency.

The Bruins are Shipp-Shape, and have all their Ducks in a row.

The Ducks got caught in a Shippstorm.

The real celebration begins when sc gets knocked out of the Pac-10 Tourney, and locked out of March Madness.

California gets first crack at the trojans, on Thursday night.  Go Bears!

With Star Shipp setting new highs, the sky’s the limit for the Bruins, no matter what seed they get.

Will Howland devise a plan that can shut down Rochestie?

Speaking of Coaches, Neuheisel sounded good talking about the new recruiting class, during halftime on Thursday night.

Parting shot:  Kurt Warner just signed on for two more years at Arizona, and for Matt Leinart, that’s nothing to dance about.


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  1. Robert Avatar

    T-H for all those great pictures of Heather. Just like Brianna, Katie, Elise and Michelle will be legendary in the Dance Team – Heather will be the same for the the Cheer Team along with Katie B.

    Oh, and congratulations to the Bruins for a strong finish in conference play, hopefully they win the Pac-10 and get a 3 seed in the big tournament. Go Bruins!!!

  2. The tide is turning Avatar
    The tide is turning

    6 minus # of games UCLA wins in Pac 10 tournament = their seed in NCAA’s