On their knees again… to pray?

Trojan Cornerback claims it’s a “blessing” that his Felony charge got knocked down to a Misdemeanor

Ah — so THAT is what God has been up to lately — blessing usc by turning trojan Felonies into Misdemeanors.

This week it was announced that trojan footballer Shareece Wright will NOT have to serve any time in a State Prison for defying Police at a party last year.  The Blessed One still might have to go to jail on Weekends, but he will probably get off with just a fine and Community Service.  If he has to pick up trash on the freeway, does he have to wear Tennessee Orange, or can his jumpsuit be red and gold?  It seems like the demand would be pretty high for that color combo when it comes to prison attire.

The most stunning part of this story is that Wright actually ADMITS that he is “not completely innocent.”  This is believed to be an all-time first in usc jurisprudence history.  Wright says that he should have handled it better, and not got into a confrontation with the Police.  If a Judge agrees, Wright may wind up doing more time than a lot of predecessors who’ve done a lot worse.  

In fact, it’s possible Wright really was just a victim of circumstance.  The story — and it’s a good one — is that the Cops told Wright to LEAVE the Party premesis, and he refused, because he was already planning on STAYING there that night, and, he might have been too drunk to drive.

Sounds like damn fine reasons to disobey the Cops.  Seriously!  If all that is true, maybe a few members of the Colton Police should don the Orange jumpsuits for a day or two.

It’s a mixed blessing.